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Laughing has always been my method for coping. Without laughter the lights would never come on. 
— Laugh with Carol

Who is she? 

This is my mom, Carol. Together, we have had many adventures with Owl Medicine, Caretaking, Non-profits, and running a Variety Shop. From the seeds collected, we decided it was time to plant them in our garden of Rootin'. We have survived much together. We have been beyond the veil and back many times throughout our lifetimes. Making sense of it all was deep and difficult, but remembering to laugh is what kept us Rootin’ through it all these years!

She has always had a deeply rooted faith with spirituality and nature. She has always been drawn to roles of a care-taking position. She worked with non-profits and nursing homes and is currently a live-in caretaker for her parents. She also has over 30 years in retail experience, which also requires an approach of care and patience. Her hobby is finding and creating the laughter in life. She is a person of many hats, metaphorically & literally (clown wigs, Santa hats, and whatever else jumps out of her bag)! We were often running from place to place-living life out of bags and throwing together whatever we could to try to spread a little kindness and happiness! 

What is laugh with carol ?

This is a mission, a brand, a feature, a movement of Rootin’ for your Life, our online intuitive wellness resource center!











Grief / pain & trauma of loss & the always present reminders of each one of us are on an unknown time-clock….

have been a part of our roots and flow for some time. Getting to the roots of these issues, being our own advocates, and working hard to continue to create the flow of life to not just survive, but to be fully present with mindfulness, love, and laughter is what Laugh with Carol is all about!!! We had to get to a place in our own chaotic journey of the roots and flow of all of this before we were ready to share, but here we are; finally wearing it and sharing it like an explosion of colors!!


Photo cred note: bottom right picture was at a Doctors appt in Farmville, Va while admiring the beautiful art at Longwood Universitry - not sure of the artist - will add source info if I find out :)

Finding the right wellness, healthcare, support, lifestyle, and etc. can be a difficult journey. Even though there is a lot of common ground and root patterns in the human journey, all the details make each human experience different. What works for one person may not work for another. Getting to the root of such, being okay with it, and trying to find the right help with it can be an endless night and day journey of working around the clock to figure it all out, BUT you are not alone!!!! We cannot tell you what is right for you, but we can share our coping thoughts and general guidelines we found insightful.

Our mission with Laugh with Carol is to write blog posts and offer sessions and workshops on living life through laughter, embracing the roots and rhythms of aging and illness, and support topics for care-takers. There are many resources out there for technical advice and support on these topics, but our approach focuses more on discussion, activities, and guidance through natural instincts, methods, and wisdom. We focus more on encouraging your intuitive wellness and creating activities to Calm the Sea Within.

the purpose:

The purpose is to offer encouragement and guidance to make choices from the heart. Too often we allow the negative sources of our minds and emotions to cloud our power and judgement, which allows us to give into suffering and restricts us from staying connected to our positive and insightful expression and power. We do need to allow ourselves to connect to our pain and get to the roots of it, but when cues of safe practices and positive enlightenment are absent the pain can be consuming.

Laughter and good vibes are a choice. That moment of bliss only exists when we realize negative habits, stress, and worry are not going to resolve anything. When we allow ourselves to go down that path; it is a rabbit hole nearly impossible to escape. However, we all struggle. Every moment is a moment of having to find the strength to power up and allow laughter and good energy in. This is not to say every moment is a moment of laughter, because it requires even more strength to face our deep-rooted emotions and truths. It can be difficult for the laughter to genuinely flow until the deep-roots are mindfully uprooted, but remembering to laugh a little along the way can help create space for positive things to grow. The key is being fully present with a conscious balance. Easier said than done, but :

Let's help each other laugh, and sometimes cry a little more!

Let's Laugh: 

3 Generations of Empaths

3 Generations of Empaths