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Calm the Sea Within

An Inner Power Feature

This is a series / main feature on the Root and Flow Blog and in the Root and Flow Method. Life can be a sea of chaos; changing tides and turbulent waters, but when we learn how to collect and channel energy - we can Calm the Sea Within

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February : Calm the Sea Intro

One of the methods Devin and I always use in our life and reference in our lessons is: Calm the Sea Within. Life will always be a sea of chaos. There are moments when it is naturally calm, but there are always currents, tides, and waves. We must allow ourselves to feel these rhythms and to learn how to Calm the Sea Within. Stay tuned to upcoming lessons for tips and insights. Calming the Sea Within requires a lot of patience and perseverance. There are a lot of things in this world that try to shake our core, challenge our peace, or trigger our bad vibes. It can be so difficult to stay calm in such times. The main tip for today is: staying calm is not about suppressing emotions. When we store away our emotions rather than allow them to flow, that energy has to go somewhere. Therefore, it lives in our sub-conscious and nervous system, disrupting our wellness in every way. Learning to remain calm is about learning how to allow emotions to flow and how to express emotions in constructive ways. It is very important to create time to deal with any difficult emotions. Otherwise, they become the clutter and chaos of our lives. However, it is also important to know being too in control of emotions and life can be just as dangerous, because control is often an illusion; when we program ourselves to tightly with certain expectations, beliefs, and protocols, then we restrict the freedom for emotions and expression. Even though everything may appear to be calm, clean, and in control, there is still much anxiety below the surface if the true roots and rhythms of issues are not being dealt with. Those who are spiraling in chaos are actually often more aware of their root issues, many emotions, and needs; the chaos occurs after releasing the chains of control. This is the stage and process in which the freedom to discover and healthy development can occur, but it is a matter of surviving the depths of emotions and strong shifts of currents and tides. When we are too in control, then most likely it is because we have mastered suppressing our issues and have developed robotic methods of surviving them. There is a big difference between control and composure. Composure is allowing the emotions, memories, and issues to surface with the ability to navigate such difficult waves without being triggered into a state of anxiety, sorrow, anger, frustration, etc. It is the practice of being mindful of how your emotions have the power to harm others (even if unintentionally). Prioritizing practices of empathy is the root of all life and co-existence. When we do not make this a part of our daily education, we become more and more unaware of how our thoughts, words, and actions harm others; even those we love. When this is a mindful priority in everything you do, no matter how chaotic life gets, you will know how to soothe your soul and how to create peace within.

March: Calm the Sea Within Intro Pt II

Devastation will make you question everything about your life, heartbreak will try to take your life, but when you Calm the Sea Within, the soul rises. It may be Earth-shattering work at times, but those moments when it all flows into bliss, make it worth it.

In today’s fast-paced, high-demand, mass-connection world our minds are easily stretched thin. The flow of chaos easily becomes the norm. The more it becomes the norm, the more it becomes accepted. However, the question is are we truly accepting it or are we becoming so caught up in the flow of it all that we have to just keep swirling along with more caffeine, more coping dependencies; anything to help us measure up and meet all the expectations. Such a flow can leave us in a constant state of panic, worry, insecurity, doubt or stuck in a competitive, judgmental mindset; both make it difficult to be present and to fully grasp each moment and its intention and purpose. New Moon prep activity: create a list of expectations in your life (you place on yourself or you feel are placed on you by others/the world); anything and everything that makes you feel stressed, having to maintain the flow of, etc. We will be talking about expectations often; this is a root of stress. Too often in society we hold ourselves and others to unrealistic expectations neglecting reality, intention, purpose, and presence. Accountability and competitiveness are important, but the equation of success in such is often missing vital factors. Intention, purpose, presence, mindfulness, and patience are critical for Calming the Sea Within. Only when the sea is calm can we see clearly. 

August: Calm the Sea Within Intro Pt III

Calm the Sea Within is ultimately about awakening to your inner-consciousness and its connection to all consciousness. We only have the power to soothe our soul, when we hold ourselves accountable for all life and the co-creators of the flow of it all. We must understand how everything is the flow of positive and negative energy, such energy often becomes easily programmed or lost in the veil of illusions. Calming the Sea Within requires learning how to uproot from programmed beliefs that are bringing harm to self and others, doing the work to go beyond the veil of illusions, and re-planting the seeds of peace and perception within your own soul/soil.

The world around us will always be chaotic; peace is but a concept, one that only exist when we do the work to create it. Death is not the only plane in which peace can exist. We are often taught that we will never rest in peace until we pass. However, with this thought I personally feel it disregards the purpose of life and the sacrifices made from those who came before us, whether they are from religious beliefs, cultural revolutions, world events, or family events. Many have lived, died, or risked it all in pursuit of creating a better world. We are the co-creators of this world and we were given life with purpose of free-will. A huge part of our humanity is the power of choice and free-will. This does not mean we all live in freedom and opportunity, but we have the power of perspective and we can plant seeds of peace in our world within and the world around us based on how we act and react. The hardest times to do this is when we are living in hardship or limited freedom, but when we dig deep to our inner-strength and power we can create the light in our soul. Life is difficult and it is difficult for peace to exist, because unfortunately humanity often pursues power rather than peace; power of status rather than the power of self. Learn more about the difference and what all this means in: Calm the Sea Within