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Understanding Crystals

Do they really have energy? Yes, all parts of life are energy!

Like all things in life - crystals have energy properties. Crystals, rocks, and gemstones live deep below in the Earth. They have resided there for millions, some maybe even billions of years. Some may be newly formed, but most are ancient. When I look at the trees, water, and rocks of this Earth, I think about all they have been through; all that they have seen, felt in their vibrations, and all that they have survived. The Earth is a living Eco-system. Everything in this universe is a form of energy. We can detect this energy through vibrations and senses.

Ethical Practices

mindful living & crafting

Know your vendors and their process!

Practicing energy through crystals has been around for a long time. However, in the age of social media - it has become a new age trend. I love seeing more and more people becoming aware of such practices, but unfortunately anything that enters the mainstream flow has the potential to become a trend and a token rather than a sacred experience and honored piece. At Rootin’ supporting ethical practices is very important to us, because sometimes the more things become in demand, the less consciousness is given to how things are made to meet those demands. Understanding the dangers behind the scenes is the main root of living a mindful life. If animals, people, or the Earth is suffering in some way due to what I buy or do, then it is not something I want or need. I will work to find another way to obtain the resource through mindful means. Learn more about this concept in Be your Own Advocate.

The Earth needs its natural elements to maintain balance and the flow for the Circle of Life. This is why I leave a lot of leaves and acorns on the ground rather than making the yard look perfect, because the squirrels and birds gather and graze. For every shell I take from the ocean, I make sure to return more than what I take, because crabs need them for shelter. The only crystals I buy have a meaningful story and ethical means of mining or discovering it. Sometimes the roots of how things are provided or where they came from are unknown and for those things, we have to make a choice: is it worth it or do we wait until we find a resource that is known. I am not perfect when it comes to mindful living, like everything else; it has been a journey and is always a work in progress. However, I do my best to hold myself accountable for how my choices do make a difference in the flow of this Earth. Stay tuned in Seeds of Our Soul Blog for some of personal crystal stories of some of the pieces I cherish and why.

Point of this paragraph: Enjoy the energy with crystals, but do your best to honor the roots and rhythms of where they come from.

How Can Crystals help you channel energy, heal, focus, or protect?

Everything is about the flow of energy and power of intentions!

Energy flows as different states of matter, vibrations, perceptions of light (auras and echos of space, time, all life), and chemical properties.

This applies to rocks, crystals, and gemstones as well. They were formed through the process of how different mediums of the energy above came together. Throughout their lifetime they have absorbed an unimaginable amount of energy from diverse experiences of vibrations, matter, and light. They store this knowledge of energy within them. Why I am I referring to them like they are living beings? Life flows through all things in different ways. When we honor everything as a connection to our life and all life, we are able to see everything as a sacred and valuable resource (valuable as in spiritual wealth - not financial). It also does not have to belong to us for us to benefit from its existence. Sometimes, connecting to energy of something and allowing it to remain free in its place on this Earth is just as important. Us humans have a bad reputation for destroying the natural order and habitats of life to meet the demands of gains and greed in resources. I know these are things we get tired of hearing about, but us Empaths literally feel the pain from it all. The Earth is often screaming out in devastation but it often goes unrecognized until it is too late. Whereas, Empaths feel the energy of all things rising and falling; in alignment with how all things flow, and in every fiber the Earth screams out a message; sometimes it is a song, sometimes it is a warning, sometimes it is an agonizing cry, sometimes it is a laugh, sometimes it is violent anger, and sometimes it is wisest lesson; all enlightening insight when we listen.

Therefore, before practicing with crystals it is very important to have a good understanding of Energy Roots and Inner Power!

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Our day is full of rituals whether we realize it or not; everything from our self-care to exercise time to how we cook, and all the little things we do to motivate / keep our life in flow.

Keeping a Dream Journal is a great ritual to have. Our dreams offer a lot of insight into our life, fears, consciousness, ideas, and desires. It is the puzzle pieces of the past and future. When we take time to reflect on our dreams we are able to manifest it into the present and connect the dots for insight and guidance. Dreams are windows and doors to the world within. It may feel like looking through a kaleidoscope or a shadowy blur of abstract images or an episode of the Twilight Zone, but when we focus and reflect with intention by creating a ritual to do so, then we can invite clarity; Through the Fog there is Beauty.

Create a ritual by:

  1. Choose a quiet time of day : get up a little earlier to have a little quiet time to yourself (if need be).

  2. Grab your favorite cozy a.m. drink: coffee, matcha, tea, etc.

  3. Greet the day with gratitude.

  4. Go to your favorite quiet or meditation space in your home or garden.

  5. Take your journal, favorite inspirational books, essential oils, or crystals (anything that helps you set the tone, energy, and aroma to help you welcome calming clarity and insight).

  6. Journal your dream from the night before. You may have trouble remembering, especially if you are new to doing intentional reflections. The key is to not force it. Do not get frustrated over not remembering; if it is meant to come to you - it will and the more you practice and dedicate time to this ritual each day, the more it will program your consciousness to trust this exercise. It takes time for roots to grow. As the roots grow we are connected to the rhythms and flow. Even if you sit there and write random doodles or words, insight may come to you.

  7. Stay tuned for more prompts and exercises on how to keep working with this ritual, but the main root of this lesson = start creating the time and space for this ritual.



Use the guide below for insights on crystal energy & the astrology page to learn more about Taurus!


#coffeeandcrystals: Eco Cards
Inspired by Tarot Cards, design an Earth Conscious Messenger Card. Create a card with a Guide that inspires you to connect with and protect nature. On the front of the card doodle what your Guide (person/messenger) looks like with a name at the top. On the back of the card write and describe what this Guide means to you and is a reminder of. Use

Crystal suggestion:

If you are looking for courage, confidence, and creative inspiration for this activity, these are some crystal examples of what to use in your art setting to channel your vibes:

-Ruby for Bravery

-Amazonite or turquoise for Confidence

-Clear Quartz for Clarity

-Citrine and Tiger’s eye for channeling creativity of the mind




Mother’s Day Edition: Roses & Quartz


Roses are not only beautiful, but a way of sharing our feelings when words are difficult. “Actions speak louder than words”, and sometimes the color and symbolism of something can translate the depths of expression and meaning.

Roses are often used as this messenger. Across cultures, the roses and their colors can mean many different things, but we can all agree it is a symbol of life and expression.

I like to refer to the Tarot cards often. In the cards, roses are symbol of balance. They can signify hope and new beginnings, but as we all know; roses have thorns. They are beautiful, but they can be painful if not careful; much like the balance of life. Also, much like motherhood; the journey to becoming a mother and giving birth can be difficult and excruciating, but it brings a beautiful life into this world. Then, the journey of caring for such life can be amazing, but equally challenging. The thorns in Tarot cards, represent; defense, loss, physical presence, and the absence of mindfulness.

Celebrate the wonders and beauties of life, but do not forget to be mindful of the thorns.


Quartz is a rock crystal of natural silicone dioxide. As we discuss throughout all lessons; all life is energy. Everything has chemical and energy properties of purpose and flow. We too are energy and resonate with energy in different ways.

We are going to focus on clear quartz for this lesson, because when learning about energy and crystals, this is a good place to start. It is a powerful healing crystal and medium for energy. It is associated with all elements and zodiac signs. From the study of science, chemistry, energy, and nature, we know there is positive and negative energy; polarity of a magnetic field. We all flow within the magnetic fields and feel the pushes and pulls of energy.

Clear quartz : clarity and harmony of energy.

When things are clear, we are able to see and better understand.

Clear quartz is like this in nature; it absorbs the properties of all life; positive and negative. It regulates this energy to sustain its own form. Therefore, its nature of energy amplifies our own natural power to regulate our balance of energy. We will dig deeper into crystals and energy a little more each time we do #coffeeandcrystals lessons and workshops, but this is just a seed of thought for today.



Gemini is all about wanderlust, adventure, communication, and freedom. Roots and Rhythms focuses on body language, movement therapy, artful expression and freedom, and connections to the energy within and all around. For a Gemini Flow - see the graphic above with the Gemini Summary. Follow the pictures of the Gemini yoga poses to create a Gemini flow. Notice how these poses help stretch the Throat Chakra: it opens the airway for enhancing breathing and expression. Notice the crystals you can use to help channel the Gemini energy.




WELCOME TO LEO SEASON!!!! Check out the graphic below for a quick look at crystals that help channel and balance Leo energy.



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