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The creators and operators of Rootin’ for your Life: Devin & Lisa

Hi, I am Lisa; the dreamer, writer, creator, artist, designer, owner, and operator of this adventure. Devin is my soul mate -twin flame hubby that makes this journey whole.

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my owl sketch 2015

my owl sketch 2015

About Me: Lisa

I am a Paw Mama. Peace Warrior! Free Spirit. Empath. Healer / Life Guide through holistic, natural, animal, and ancestral messages and practices. I am a Creator / maker /visionary. All my life I have been tracing my roots, dancing, doodling, painting, writing, exploring, building things, and creating programs / guides /workshops / classes to share the vibes of life with folks! 

My “Blue-print”: 

I am an Aquarius Sun Sign + Between Cancer & Leo Moon Sign (Air, Fire, & Water) & A Cancer rising sign (ascendant). (Oh, the tug of war yet Oh, all the colors of the rainbow!) (Want to talk vibes? Phew! I have plenty to go around! On top of all that, I am a Life Path #11 - We'll talk more on that later - for now - just know - it is A LOT of Intuitive -  Extreme Energy!) Understanding all of this helped me better understand the roots of who I am and put together the pieces of the puzzle of my life traits and patterns. 

Professional Roots & Rhythms:

  • Certified Reiki Level II/Master Practitioner +

  • Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

  • BA in Health Education, Kinesiology, minor in coaching (Virginia Commonwealth University & West Chester University) 

  • MA in Teacher Leadership, Curriculum, Policy, & Instruction (University of Phoenix) 


I have always worked with people of all ages (infants - elderly) and all walks of life in an array of community service initiatives and programs, jobs, and in personal and professional related experiences. I grew up in a rural -farm environment where working was a way of life. I grew up with my hands in the dirt; working side jobs from cutting grass to childcare to helping my folks with furniture to waitress while helping with the farm, non-profits, and juggling academics, sports, dance, band, & extra-curricular activities. I also grew up helping my mom with nursing home activities, community programs, and planning fundraisers for Relay for Life. I was a busy bee with many, many hats (good thing I like hats – hehe!!! )

These things helped prepare me for the realities and responsibilities of life from a young age. Life balance was more of life on the go. Even though we did our best to try to root through it all, there were also a lot of tragedies, hardships, and difficult times, but those are what planted the deepest Seeds in my Soul and grew all the roots of Rootin’ for your Life & The Root & Flow Method. The vibes of my content are the things that got me through all those defining moments in my life that I once did not know how we were going to make it through. I always did my best to have a deep-rooted faith in the flow of the universe and my beliefs, but there were times when I was pushed so far beyond my limits that all I could see was the fog and darkness, but I held on to the concepts I wrote about in Through the Fog There is Beauty. Each day I had to keep fighting to believe in those words for my life purpose to make sense, because Faith in higher powers / a greater good is important, but it is nothing without faith in yourself. Life’s purpose and answers only makes sense when we do the work to co-create our flow in it all. 

Professional Experience: 

  • I was a Director of a 501c3 non-profit health education / obesity prevention program: operated in 8 schools to teach children about wellness by training for runs, developing character skills, and applying nutrition concepts. Approx. 300 students were enrolled. My responsibilities were to maintain, further develop the program, manage the organization, organize events and fundraisers, and ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers. I also published a curriculum for the program, worked on grants, and helped in other community ventures.

  • While in college for 5 ½ years and as a military spouse for 13 years, I worked an array of jobs; softball coach, life-guard, in a bookstore, an after-school teacher, walking dogs, baby-sitting, and freelance art and writing.

  • In my college experiences, I have taken over 200 classes in Health Sciences, Human Behavior, and Effective Instruction. Our classroom settings were often hands-on experiences and intense workloads to become highly-qualified. 

  •  As a military spouse and often being stationed near tri-state regions, I had the opportunity to work in environments from rural to city suburbs to inner-city. In the Coast Guard, we did not live on base and were responsible for finding our own housing and becoming a part of the local community through our own initiatives. Working, attending college, and being a military spouse was a lot to juggle, but an opportunity to become deeply-rooted in different communities. These opportunities and experiences planted many Seeds in my Soul to help me get even deeper into the Root & Flow of it all. It further grew my fire for wanting to be a part of finding solutions for what I like to call ROOT EDUCATION! 

my cthulu sketch 2015

my cthulu sketch 2015

About Devin:

He is a Paw Papa. Earth and Animal Advocate. Hobby Photographer. Phoenix. Charismatic and has a way with words; poetic soul. Visionary, but a Realist Survivor. Can be extroverted when in the right environments and in leadership positions; takes initiative, extremely diligent, dedicated, thorough, and motivated. Otherwise, observant, careful, reserved, protective, & introverted flow. Healer. Giver. Empath. Peace Warrior. 

He grew up near the ocean which nurtured his calling to the Sea. During elementary school, fate moved him across several states to my neck of the woods. Thankfully, it was near a lake, so he could still connect with water, but being able to explore the vastness of the woods was where he learned a lot about life and self in nature’s classroom. He has always had a deep rooted love and connection with the environment, history, science, reading, & nature.


 Leo Sun Sign. Aries Moon Sign. (Fire + Fire). (Want to talk trailblazer energy while trying not to get burned by the world & self? Taming the flames while trying to keep the fire burning has been a journey!) Life Path #2: Mediator (The life path centers on being a medium and a life coach for creating positive success and common ground. This # craves creating peace over conflict and a diplomatic approach). 

Professional Roots & Rhythms: 

-Active Duty Coast Guard for 13 years. 2 years of Sea Experience: It was a deep plunge into the darker realities of life; regularly witnessing life and death and living beyond exhaustion became a way of life. As active duty enlisted, transfers (moves) happen about every 4 years. Served at 3 units as an MST (Marine Science Technician) .


  • -prevention & response for pollution & port-state control

  • -health coordinator

  • -Investigating officer to marine casualties, accidents, and deaths. He was 1 out of 2 enlisted members to ever achieve obtaining the investigating officer qualification. 

  • - National Strike Force Coordination Center

  • -Environmental Science, Prevention, & Response Certifications. 

Additional Certifications: 

  • -A lifetime of experience with community & school non-profit programs; aiding in organizing, instructing, and management.

  • -Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

  • -Suicide Prevention Educator

  • - Associates Degree in General Sciences


  • -Honorably discharged from USCG (It was time to leave the CG behind us to prioritize health & family matters. As much as we were grateful for our experiences during our time in, there were also a lot of taxing hardships that took their toll. ) These years planted many Seeds in our Soul

  • -A Rootin' for your Life founder & developer

  • -Enrolled in a Bachelor’s I.T.program

  • -Dialysis Tech: taking care of folks with his whole heart, witty charm, insightful sarcasm, and cold, hard loving honesty while they go through the painful process of removing fluid from their kidneys.

why we Root

Why we Root (In General):

  • To offer a safe space for creative healing and insightful wellness tools.

  • To raise awareness and open the doors to topics important to us.

  • To create a healing “garden” of resources (activities, support, knowledge). for others Many different paths can go to and from the same garden.

Rootin’ for your Life is about Root Education, The Root & Flow Method, and The Seeds that planted these visions and concepts. (Introduced on the Welcome page: here

It is also our open wellness journal with our fight & the fight against “Invisible Illnesses”. Our effort is to raise awareness and to do our best to open the doors to welcome all on the journey of life (we are all Rootin’ through something). This is our way of  sharing the tools we can to aid in the process.

Many of the things we are plagued with in life as humans are difficult to discover and are hard to be known or seen. Even when they are, it is often still only a window view into someone’s world. No one really knows what one another is going through. We are taught to be social, we must: “smile, carry on, put our best foot forward”! These things are important, but it is also important to be honest and own your journey; the victories and the struggles! People often fear this concept, because it is difficult to be vulnerable. Fear can also be created by the pressure to be in an extroverted state about it all. We live and learn from one another. However, being in an introverted state first with life’s issues is ultimately more important; doing the deep-root work first before moving onward and outward. (The Root & Flow Method) 

Physical and emotional pain are often what seem like echos, shadows, or invisible elements difficult to get to the roots of. After a long journey, these things can be identified with discoveries, stories, faces, features, components, names, moments, etc. It is our goal at Rootin’ to help nurture that process!

We know from experience that sometimes you feel like you are screaming at the top of your lungs and no one sees, hears, or understands what you are going through and other-times you may not even have the strength to whisper it or sometimes it's the things you have buried so deep that only your subconscious vibrates the echoes in your unaware dreams, habits, triggers, and patterns. From a long journey of coming to terms with life, we learned long ago how to make peace with the times we were not heard, seen, or understood. We learned to accept it was okay to pull back to re-conjure our strength. We learned we had to dig deeper and deeper into the subconscious to become more aware of all that we are from the ancient roots to the current rhythms. We became more determined to break bloodline traumas, curses, and patterns. We became more determined to break the cycles of unconscious human behaviors and forgotten history to inspire peace and healing. Even though we have survived many things in our personal journey and made peace and progress in our understanding of it, we are always on a journey of learning and healing. We are always a work in progress. We too are still experiencing many struggles and hardships in life that can be uncomfortable and the driving forces behind pushing us to keep co-creating a better world within and all around as much as we can. 

Our life path has always been rooted to the life of a medium (guides to peace and wellness). Devin’s life path number is 2: (Medium / Diplomat) & mine is 11 (Master Intuitive Guide)

Without even knowing it at times, we have always been on this “Spirit Quest” in the pursuit of soaking up knowledge, diverse experiences and insights, tracing the roots and rhythms of it all, and discovering all the different meanings to life in the effort to create resources and tools for peace and wellness.

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