GIVE Good Karma Program

Be an Anonymous or Known patron / sponsor

We have many free resources at Rootin’ for your Life and work hard to keep our rates affordable and opportunities accessible. Health and wellness is often something we cut from our lives, because of time, expenses, and demands of life. Our goal at Rootin’ is to change the tides of this rhythm to make health and wellness a priority in all our lives and make it more accessible for all. Even though we offer free #dailyroots, we still would like everyone to have an opportunity to receive our services, even if the pockets are dry. Life happens! When life happens, it is okay to ask for help! Good people do exist somewhere in this world!

We invite all those good folks to be a part of the Good Karma program.

Give a gift card(s) to your friends or family or be an anonymous or known sponsor/patron in this program.


There are two gift card opportunities:

*Both can be used anywhere in our website with sessions or shopping, but purchasing through the Laugh with Carol check-out or Rootin’ for your Life helps us better track and direct where the funds are meant to go.

Laugh with Carol is our care-taker blog feature. These funds are used to help us create and offer services and content for care-takers and those battling illnesses.

The Rootin for your Life gift cards and funds help us create and offer all of our services and content.

If you would like to personally give the gift card to folks, then head over to check out in the gift card listings:

Laugh with Carol Gift Cards

Rootin’ for your Life Gift Cards

ANONYMOUS or Known Patrons / Sponsors


  • Share gift cards anonymously or known

  • Donate anonymously or known

What’s the difference?


  • Gift cards help us offer services to those who reach out in need through the Receive Good Karma Program. The money from these gift cards will specifically go towards offering our clients in need our Reiki, Blueprint, or Root & Flow Sessions by covering the bill. You never know what can help save or change someone’s life!!!


  • We offer a lot of free resources and do our best to keep our rates affordable and accessible (many hours and years out of our own clocks and wallets), but your support helps us be able to keep going and hopefully, growing!!! We have many hopes and dreams of what we hope to continue to create and give back! Therefore, donation funds go into our general expenses file to help us cover fees and save for our aspirations and future needs. (It is crowd-funding our content, services, and materials).

All Givers

  • Will be listed in a Thank you directory on our website and in our newsletter!

    • Anonymous gifts will simply be listed as: Last month, we received ___ amount in anonymous gifts & donations!

    • Gift Card purchases that customers personally give to friends & family will be a simple, all-in-one shout-out: Last month, we are happy to announce ____ amount in gift cards!

    • Known Patrons or Sponsors who supply gift cards or give donations will be listed with the amount given by name or business in the directory.

    • If you are an official business or non-profit who needs documentation for a tax-write-off, please contact us first!!!