Energy roots

The new age is an echo from the ancient world

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The thoughts, events, and flows of life today are mirrors into the past. Everything has roots of origin. Everything is a relationship of connection. Everything in the present flows from the past. Everything to come in the future flows from the elements taking root right in this moment. The big, thick, deep, and strong roots running navigating the flow have been around for a very long time. The newer, younger roots branching off set off to explore and create new pathways to ensure equal and stable growth to further support the root system and all of its flow; the trunk, the branches, and the produce. 

This content is to explore root connections; the Circle of Life; the flow of past, present, and future. Even though there is chaos, there is a flow, and that flow comes from the root system; the origins. We explore these topics from a “Root of It” approach of creating peace and common-ground by embracing the core concepts of energy and the possibilities of different pathways in a vast universe. 

We all have our own belief system or methods to answering life’s questions, which we should honor. However, the power of perception and the nature of intentions has much to do with how we as individuals choose to honor and share these beliefs. Sometimes when we allow our shadow of human instincts or fears from an ego-based view blur our vision (sometimes unknowingly) it can be what divides us and causes us to choose judgement rather than mindfulness. Energy roots is about mindfully honoring and celebrating your unique identity, but our main goal in this content is to continue to open our hearts, minds, and souls to explore; look deeper into the layers of origins, roots, and vibes to get to the common roots of fundamental existence. Sometimes, it is not about being right. Being right is an ego-driven perception. Sometimes, it is ultimately about digging deep to the common-ground feelings of being a good human; having empathy for all life and doing what is right for the spirit.

We are life in motion; life flows in The Spiral of Life, and sometimes it may feel it is already pre-determined based on our roots or history, but what matters above all is the energy we plug into. Life is a circle of actions and reactions. This is your Earth Walk; your Spirit Quest.

Mindset, Purpose, and understanding the layers of self (shadow, spirit, ego) are essential roots of wellness. This is why Energy Roots is #1 in the flow of the Roots of It! When we are at peace with ourselves and our place in the world (Calm the Sea Within), then we are more at peace with the flow of all things.