Roots & bones


Be sure to read the intro of Root of It.

What is this?

An important feature of knowing or getting to the Root of It is to know the anatomy & flow of energy within our world within (mind, body, & soul)  and our world all around.

How does it fit in the flow:

In the roots of it, the more you dedicate a little time to this feature and these concepts in your life, the easier creating routines & rituals, nutrition , and exercise will eventually become. It will become more of a natural process. You may be able to answer a lot of your own questions. It can also help you have the tools to evaluate or streamline the needs, concerns, and desires in your life. Sometimes we just want to buy the flowers or pick the blooms rather than digging down or growing the roots of something. Sometimes before we know it, we end up in the hamster wheel of life. It is totally understandable in this high-pressure, fast-paced world, but sometimes when problems keep creating or we find ourselves further and further away from our self, family, and social wellness - we have to create the time to get back to the roots! We are all saying “get back to the roots” in some way. This is what all of us are craving, but the mindfulness for understanding why or how is all at different levels of what we have experienced and what we are willing to believe and do. Also, this saying means something different to each one of us. Also each one of us are dreamers in some way and crave better tomorrows with our eye on the horizon of the future. Therefore, finding or creating our place in the world with a healthy connection between the roots of our past and our essentials of living to how we flow forward is an authentic journey of discovery and development every moment.


We do not have to be experts to Root for our life; all of us are teachers and students. There are two main ingredients to being our own advocates:

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Willpower


It is important to know when to ask for help and it is okay to question what you do not understand or admit when there is something you do not understand, even if you have to go on a journey to discover what that answer is for you. “Fake it until you make it” is often casually thrown around and too often displayed as a way to get ahead. In today’s filtered, reality TV world, too many have become desensitized to energy roots and what is real or an illusion. We as a society have become so disconnected from the roots of how things are made and the lives and energy given to create many of our comforts. The modern world has many benefits for success, convenience, self-expression, and self-empowerment, but sometimes it also puts so much pressure to live up to those standards that we grow further away from the true meaning and art of living. The quality experience is in the details and in the journey:

-Taking time to prepare food

-Taking time to understand the sacrifices made and to truly give thanks to the food (especially, if it is from another living creature, when we lose our empathy for how things are made and disregard it, then we are raising energy in society that has a disregard for life and takes for-granted the lives of other living things.)

-Modern medicine has helped us live longer and prevent/cure major diseases and illnesses, but sometimes at what cost? Medicine is very necessary in regards to many issues, but sometimes medicine should only be a bridge for improving wellness. Our society has grown very dependent on lifelong medication for nearly every little thing from a sniffle to a chronic issue. Again, medicine is very important and I am not suggesting to clean out your cabinets, because there are times when medicine is saving lives and is necessary in every life. However, sometimes we have the power to be and to create our own medicine from the tools within us and all around us: the roots of life (getting back to root issues - working to resolve them, lifestyle, natural remedies, etc.)

These are just a few examples.

Mindfulness is ultimately about:

  • the art of living

  • being fully present in the journey

  • being true to the pace and purpose of your path

  • honoring the flow of all living things; everything is energy: Energy Roots !

  • Calming the Sea Within

  • Being accountable for your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, intentions, choices, actions, and reactions.


The drive we have to not just live, but fully -authentically-honorably live. To be fully present is about doing the work to understand and create an alignment of the layers of self (mind, body, soul & the layers of the mind & soul: ego, spirit, and shadow). Devin and I believe the question of willpower to live should always be: What is the purpose of life if we have to lose parts of our humanity in the journey? If we lose our good-will and compassion for all living things, then how can we live while feeling good about our place in the world? These questions are why we are working to promote mindfulness, because so many recognize such thoughts and have given up hope in humanity. There are also many who have always been fully aware or are just waking up to many of the horrors of the human journey of how all came to be with the world within and all around. Having such an awareness or finally a freedom to process such thoughts and emotions is why we see two paths on the rise that (in a way) coincide: positively conscious movements of mindfulness, but also mental health “disorders”: depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc. When we become so awake and aware with energy it is a real ride of highs and lows of the positive willpower of humanity to losing hope in all humanity or faith in self, others, or world as a whole or a roller-coaster of restless, frustrated energy to empowered, mindful energy. All of these vibes are flowing through our roots and bones of this world as a whole and within each of us is this constant tug of war of how to not just live, but live in peace.

I write this under willpower, because too often when the “will to live” is a topic, it focuses on determination or “just dig deep” or “find the will” , “find the strength”, but willpower can not “just” be dug up, charged up like a phone, etc. It has to be created; every minute of every day. The weight of your own personal world and how you are feeling about it in each moment determines how much you will be able to dig up your willpower. Sometimes it is too heavy; it all feels like too much. Other times, (even if it is the heaviest load yet) feels like a walk in the park. It all comes down to the ebb and flow of life; the shifts of our energy of our world within and how it flows with the world all around. The world and our energy is changing in every minute. Sometimes we think our moods are shifting based on what we are eating, doing, etc. (all of that plays a big part), but when we get to the root of it, the raw nature of who we are: we are energy with our highs and our lows and learning the root and flow of what that is for each of us is a lifelong journey.

I also would like to clarify the topic of mental health:

Positive, conscious movements of mindfulness & mental health “disorders” coincide and are on the rise, because we have more freedom and access than ever to share our vibes on these topics and the topics of the world. Therefore, people are opening up more and waking up to more, and trying to process more and more and more from the mass flow of the ages of our human history to the steadily streaming flow of today. Life is energy. Energy is positive and negative. Life flows in the tides of highs and lows. All of that is in each one of us. Therefore, each one of us is a steadily shifting flow of energy within a collective sea of energy; we are bubbles within bubbles; we are the chaos of positive and negative. How we process and cope with it all is a unique journey for each one of us. We are all shifting through and sometimes battling our mental health, because our minds and spirits are very complex especially when it comes to our relationships with all of our bubbles: bubble of wellness/self-care, bubbles of social relationships (family, friends, job, etc.), deeper bubbles (identity, beliefs, gene DNA, cosmic DNA, etc.), environmental bubbles (world view, education, practices, character, experiences, etc.) We are our own world of bubbles (cells/energy), roots, bones, elements (water, air, etc.) within a world of all of that…flowing and flowing…

That’s a lot to figure out!!!! So , how do we do it? We do it breath by breath, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. Do not become too rooted to certain vibes, because like the moon we go through phases, and like the weather, we go through seasons. Our willpower is created when we create the choice of how to be or how to cope within each moment. Sometimes our presence is a new moon; in a dark, introverted state of releasing, resting, gathering, or processing. Other-times our presence is the full moon; fully lit and manifesting our energy at full force. It is not one or the other that is good or bad; it is our own power of energy and perception. We can use either of these times to bring out the best in us or the worst. Anything in life is a choice of whether we will allow something to make us better or worst; no matter how rough life gets, the work we do within our minds and spirits to hold on to, nurture, or create our positive character of humanity is what counts for our journey and the collective of energy flowing in this world. You may never know how much of a difference it makes, but it does. Sometimes we have to go through a lot of darkness, but the willpower of the spirit is finding a way to keep the candle burning, to be the feather drifting between the layers of the world, the water rippling at the edge, the seed buried in the depths of the earth. There will be times when our candle lights other candles and becomes a vibrant visual of life. There will be times when we are able to spread our wings to fly to our next destination. There will be times when our ripples are waves. There will be times when our seed is in bloom. When we are not in these states, we must know it is okay to be the spark, the seed, the feather, the ripple. Sometimes we are just that one deep breath keeping that spark lit, that feather floating, that ripple flowing, or that seed alive for that one moment. The one breath has the power to do all of that. With every breath we have the power of thought and with this we establish the intentions of our mindset and our willpower.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with anatomy, body mechanics, etc? It has everything in the world to do with it! It is the main root of it all!

Roots and Bones is not just about our composition, but it is the anatomy of how all things on this Earth flow:
The power of air (breathing), the seeds of life (everything is a seed of life), the sparks of life (mindset, willpower, and literal fire), and water (we are 70%ish water, this planet is mostly water). Our vibes and our chemistry are connected to it all.

We will eventually get to the specifics of the roots and flow of it all, but this page is about establishing the deepest roots.