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Throughout all content, we talk about how Rootin' and life is a journey, a process. It must go through phases. We have different phases of our day. We have different phases of the moon. We have different phases of our life. We have different stages and roles of our life. As we grow and as life progresses throughout each day, our identity and existence (life-flow) has many roots and branches; flowing this way and that. Therefore, the Rootin' Journey is not a one time thing; it is a daily ritual of learning how to apply the ROOT LOVE GROW™ FLOW (The Root & Flow Method) to the many phases of life. 

The Flow Phase is a main concept of our Root & Flow Method. The Flow Phase is not as much about the content as it is the approach. Sometimes, when people try to pursue wellness or healthy living goals, they want to pursue it all at once and take on the major transformations with the expectations of steady results, but this is not how life flows. Life is an ebb and flow. Therefore, sometimes we take steps forward and sometimes backwards. Sometimes we are on a high, other times we are on a low. When we feel those tides shifting it can be difficult to not get discouraged and fall out of the synchronicity of it. When we are too rooted to expectations, then we often lose connection to our intentions, which leaves our roots out on the surface rather than deeply rooted in the ground. When our roots are attached to the surface rather than deeply rooted, we depend more on the outside factors and influences rather than what is planted deep within. This can make us really exposed and sensitive to the appearance of things and following the flow of things rather than trusting the process, digging deep to understand the roots of things, and consciously present to co-create the flow each day.

Therefore, the Root & Flow Method is about learning the roots and flow of wellness in doses (#dailyroots). Moment by moment, day by day we learn how to consciously co-create and be more fully present.

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A Main feature of The Flow Phase is:

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