Root & Flow 

Our goal is to honor the Roots & Rhythms of nature and whole wellness. Nature is our classroom.

This is Rootin' for your Life's method of reconnecting to the roots of life and restoring the flow of energy in every moment. It is about being fully present in the process of everything you do and the effort of being mindful of each component and phase. Everything is energy! All energy follows certain patterns (Roots & Rhythms), but every energy source, every individual, has a unique flow. We are bubbles within bubbles of energy. Everyone is on their own journey, yet we all influence one another’s journey from the input and output of energy all around. Root & Flow is about harmonizing the world within to the world all around through your vibes and factors of life.

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Root & Flow with us a little each day

As a wellness guide it was always important to me to not approach lessons or offer insight from a one size fits all approach. We are each so very unique, even though we share a lot of common ground. I have been on a “spirit quest” for a very long time to discover and create methods of offering universal approaches to wellness that could be personalized, but not invasive. After a lot of trial and error in a creative, healing / awakening / self-awareness journey the pieces came together to format the Root & Flow method or AKA: Rootin’ Flow. Learn more about the creative process/spirit quest/my open wellness journal in the Seeds of Our Soul Blog as posts become available.

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The general concept of the Rootin’ Flow: 

ROOT  (Origins & Instincts) 

LOVE (Intentions & Vibes) 

GROW (Conditions & Consciousness) 

FLOW  (Actions & Reactions) 

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Nature is our classroom

Like the 4 seasons, this is the process of the 4 phases of the Root & Flow Method:

ROOT : RELEASE: the leaves fall from the branches to return to root.

LOVE : REST: (the trunk/core of a tree) : the Inner Power Phase : the introvert phase where we must work from within to understand / develop our wellness much like surviving winter.

GROW: MANIFEST: once we do the work in those phases we are back in bloom and ready to grow a little more to Empower Every Hour, much like spring.

FLOW: RESTORE: the energy input and output is flowing in abundance to restore life, much like summer. As it ends, we begin to reflect on what we need to harvest and what we need to release to prepare for the cycle to begin again.


Everything goes through phases. Many of life’s phases are in flow with the moon, including our Root & Flow Method:


A Journey from root to flow

It takes time for things to grow. Seeds need mindfulness, resources, and care to grow. We apply the Root & Flow method as a 4 step process to everything we do. However, each week we focus on lessons within a specific phase. The flow of the month is linked to the traits of the moon and the structure of the phases are in alignment with the moon.

This is a lot to take in, but NO WORRIES; we will be going over it a little each day. Simply read through it - plant the seeds of thought & then we will water them in our lessons as we go.

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The process and concepts are aligned with the Chakras; the 7 centers of energy. Each are linked to patterns and traits in the flow of life.


In the field of wellness, there is much to explore. It is vital to nurture whole-wellness in everything we do. The Root & Flow Method is to offer daily doses of learning essential roots and how to sustain & upgrade the flow. #dailyroots

Days of the week have certain energy traits based on their connection to the stars and planets. The Chakras are NOT in the order of the days they are ruled by. We will address all Chakras each day simultaneously in everything we do, but each week the goal is to learn how to unblock and restore Chakras. They are in the order of how they flow; from Root - Crown. Each day lesson topics are aligned with the needs and traits for Chakra wellness. The goal by the end of each day, the end of each week, the end of each month is to clear out or become more aware of invasive/toxic energy, restore the balance, and welcome/create the flow of positive energy.

A Quick Look at a few Resources

I use these guides in my personal life and to create all Rootin’ for your Life curriculum and sessions. We will refer to these in free #dailyroots lessons and workshops and in the:

The full Root & Flow Experience

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How to Root & Flow with us

Free Resources:

The Root & Flow Blog & Resource Pages:

The Intro Guide & Podcasts

The Monthly Root & Flow Calendar #dailyroots sessions:

Note: Even if the month has already passed, be sure to scroll through it; the content may provide helpful insights and / or essential roots for your wellness journey.

Free #dailyroots are doses of wellness each day of the week:

Mondays (Root Chakra): nutrition & sustaining life

Tuesdays (Sacral Chakra): our Roots & Rhythms Series & Hours of Power Series focus on creativity, movement, & life-force to charge your batteries

Wednesdays (Solar Plexus Chakra ): Core Care lessons focus on self-care techniques and connections to positive energy methods.

Thursdays (Heart Chakra): green, gardening energy of our relationships to the world within and all around.

Friday (Throat Chakra): the Wine & Root Series & #bubblebreaks lessons are about life balance and the bridges of energy and communication.

Saturday (Third Eye): we discuss how to channel and balance energy and intuition through a variety of methods with our #crystalsandcoffee series. We also do a lot of artsy, crafty stuff on these days!

Sunday (Crown Chakra): #morningmeditations are techniques to learn more about different styles of meditation, how to create spiritual common ground, and creating time to reflect on all the feels and vibes of life!

*Reminder (for metaphysical educators / workers): Days of the week are not in the order of their ruling Chakra - they are organized by the order of the flow; each day we work on opening the chakra energy to bridge us to the next (from Root-Crown)!

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