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Be sure to read the welcome and Root & Flow Intro page before getting started. These pages are for the Root Phase in our Root & Flow Method. However, anyone at any part of the journey is welcome to these pages. Whether you are doing the free sessions through #dailyroots or guided Root of It sessions or not, these pages may be helpful in your journey of life. Our Rootin’ for your Life Online Resource Center is where you can follow our guided flow or simply explore and collect any pieces you connect with.


Sometimes it can be so easy to get caught up in the flow of things - we forget to tend to the roots. The roots are the origins and vitals of how it all flows. We must take time to tend or return to the roots throughout every season and phase. It is the process to get back to the foundation of being. Every belief, recipe, activity, story, animal, person, etc. has roots (origins). Digging deep to a conscious connection with this is so important to sustaining a healthy living. Life can become and seem so chaotic and complex, but when we find our way back to the roots of living - we reunite with simplicity. In the roots, we discover there is a code or pattern to our life flow. In this, we discover the roots of common ground and all the little root details that make each one of us unique. We are part of a collective and we must be mindful of this, but we also must be mindful of how our journey comes from our roots and flow. When we care for our roots, we strengthen our core, our Inner - Power, our life flow. Without this in every method and equation of our life, we become disconnected from the roots of all things. This can lead us to a life of just going through the motions or steadily trying to get to the next step or measure up to all the expectations, which becomes harder and harder to sustain. Such a flow makes it hard to be aware of life in the present and mindful of how every choice within our flow influences the world around us.

Insight of the root phase:

The root phase is all about getting to the deepest parts of creating and sustaining life. Much like roots below the Earth, these concepts are instincts, needs, root issues, origins, and seeds of our soul deep within us. They often become a part of our automatic choices and reactions; the programming of our patterns, beliefs, and functions. Therefore, it can be difficult to get to the roots of who we are, why we do what we do, why we believe what we believe, why we feel the way we do about something, what the real source is, what the real energy is, what is draining our energy, what is supplying us with energy, how it is all connected, and etc. All of these things are deep below the surface of our existence yet connected to every fiber of who we are. This is a LOT to be mindful of!!!

Getting back to the roots of our life and wellness can be difficult, because it takes time for things to take root. Therefore, understanding things from our past or the past in general requires us to create the time to root through it. Time can be the creator and destroyer of worlds, because time can be hard to come by, but in reality; all we have is time. We never know how much time we have on this Earth, but it is up to us what we choose to do with it. Therefore, how we define and prioritize the roots of our life is up to us and the time we choose to dedicate to it.

Root of It Pages:

In this phase, we focus on the essentials of wellness. The order below is the suggested flow of prioritizing these concepts. Sometimes when we address one root, it helps establish or restore the flow of another root. Example: when we get into an effective exercise routine, we naturally want to restore our energy with proper hydration and healthy, vibrant, fresh foods (when we listen to these cravings). Once you get into a good exercise routine you also typically have less cravings, because your body is using stored energy, which can make you feel full, so your cravings are for something lighter, etc.

  1. Energy Roots: everything is energy! Understanding the roots & flow of this helps us reconnect with the intuitive wellness of our world within (mind, body, and soul) and our world all around. The Earth is our classroom, our guide, our supermarket, and much more. When we create the time to reconnect with these roots, the more we cultivate a positive and mindful flow.

  2. Roots & Bones! (Anatomy & Physiology of the mind, body, soul, earth, & more) Health and wellness education should be the core education of our life. Understanding these principles are vital for creating, sustaining, and managing life. Not all of us have to be the doctors and scientists of life / our life, but we are all co-creators; to have more of a choice and voice in the flow of our journey - it is important to Be your Own Advocate.

  3. Routines & Rituals: Establishing or Re-establishing healthy habits. As we discussed above, sometimes when we focus on one root it prepares, establishes, or even nurtures the next roots. Creating routines and rituals helps exercise, nutrition, and wellness fall into place. We may be use to winging it, working on it when we get around to it or fading in and out of our commitment to wellness, etc. Life is in motion; balance only last a moment! Therefore, we must learn how to not just balance, but balance and shift in the ebb and flow. Sometimes, we build these mountains in our minds and schedules that make things harder than what they have to be. Releasing expectations and getting back to the roots is about getting back to the basics one root at a time. Dedicating time to really establishing a root before trying to move on or take on another. Root wellness is about the art of patience and setting an authentic pace for your journey.

  4. Exercises: Exercise Essentials &

  5. Nutrition: Food Roots

    In both of the above, we go over common ground concepts of universal, inclusive wellness. Our goals are not to tell you what to do and what is right for you, our goals are to give you the resources where you can create the time and have the tools to explore what works for you. From our resources - you can create a personalized plan or grab pieces best for your journey.

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