The Root of It Exercises 

Seed of thought:

Exercise does not have to break records. We are competitive in nature, so sometimes we feel like we must go faster, harder, better, stronger or there is no point. However, think of exercise /wellness as a "tune up". Like anything, our minds, bodies, and souls need regular maintenance and care to stay in flow. We are life in motion. Every moment is a new moment; a new opportunity. We must tune to the flow of every moment. The thought of this can sound exhausting, but the good news is: our bodies have a great memory; muscle memory. The more we invest in the beginning of the journey and allow things to really take root, then the "tune-ups" will naturally flow. Even if you are battling major health obstacles, "tuning up" can help you through it. Everything is a journey! We are the co-creators of our life. Like we have been discussing throughout the content: One breath, one step adds up - co-create the path and flow of your life.

why is exercise important :

Movement is empowerment! We are energy and life in motion, therefore, we must utilize this nature within us (use it or lose it). When we do not engage in movement the flow becomes stalled and our systems power down. Sometimes, we need to power down and rest, but if we go for too long without powering up then our states of being start to break down or atrophy. Also, too much stored energy can further create our restless nature, which makes it difficult to focus, process our emotions and cognitive abilities, increases worry and anxiety, and contributes to aching, stiff, and blocked movements. When we have so much life flowing through us, but are sitting too still for too long, these things are bubbling within us. They need to be released, we must get the energy out through managed, constructive ways. Otherwise, we are pressure cookers trying to contain ourselves, but eventually the pressure boils over and pours out into our life in some way, whether through an emotional outburst, constant nervous energy, physical illness, or uncomfortable sensations. To prevent this as much as possible, we need to be in our “kitchens” everyday tending to our pots and in our “gardens” tending to our roots. We need to be in our minds, bodies, and spirits every day throughout the day tending to Roots and Flow of it all!

Doses of care a day go a long way!

things to consider / These are our top 10 essential roots of the root & flow of Exercise:

Remember, our focus and approach, like shared in the intro: is we thoroughly work to establish or re-establish the roots of wellness and the insight of it to offer you the tools to understanding the Root and Flow of it all so you can discover and develop what works best in your life. Therefore, we eventually get to tips, activities, recipes, and etc, but none of that really matters unless we are truly connected to the roots of it. Our lifestyles change, our needs evolve, and our understanding fades as we go through those transformations, therefore it is vital to get to the essential roots of wellness that withstand the change of age, time, and lifestyle. What are the elements that are truly a part of your life journey and will remain and grow throughout it. Think of such as perennial flowers (the ones that keep coming back) , whereas a lot of the temporary diets and lifestyle trends are the annual flowers that come and go.

Flow of establishing EFFECTIVE exercise & a sustainable / progressive flow (Top 10 things) :

  1. The Essential Roots & Bones: How energy (water, oxygen, circulation, etc ) flow through us to sustain and promote our life, how muscles work and what they need, root health issues: inflammation, etc.

  2. Train the Brain! We can re-program our minds and bodies with doses of wellness throughout the day: #hoursofpower

  3. Know your flow part 1: The Roots & Bones of The Power of Hydration (get things moving, purify) & The Power of Breathing (set the pace, channel the energy, center yourself, & elevate your flow)

  4. Know your flow part 2: (the Roots & Rhythms & Roots & Bones) Engaging muscles and body mechanics and using the flow of energy to produce effective movements and prevent injury (understanding the difference between momentum and resistance, cramping, natural discomfort, pain signals, importance of sweating, etc. )

  5. Know your flow part 3: How to fit exercise into your lifestyle, how to personalize your exercise routines & rituals, and why this is important (roots & bones),

     By understanding the below:

  6. Types & Styles of Exercise: the essentials of what we need for wellness, why each are important for life-long mobility, strengthening muscle groups, and the flow in all body systems. Movement is empowerment, life is in motion, sometimes we need to calm the flow, but sometimes we need to co-create the flow or it will consume or control us. There are always factors that do, but with every breath and step, we can co-create the movement and flow.

  7. Importance of goals and accountability (routines & rituals): showing up for yourself each day and doing the work to plant seeds of positive reinforcement. It takes time for things to take root, but when they do and the more we tend to them with positive and consistent energy, the more they become naturally stronger.

  8. The two main factors in Roots and Bones: mindset and willpower (neither of which “just” come to be, every minute is a process to conjure / manifest these things into existence with the roots of intentions of purpose and intentions in mind. Sometimes we really struggle with this process and other times we feel “so alive”, understanding the root and flow of why is very important for understanding how we flow.

  9. Inner Power Intro: Understand how your world within connects to the world all around (the connections of your cosmic blue-print) and how this can influence the roots and flow of your wellness and exercise.

  10. Establish / re-establish exercise routines and rituals by using your cosmic blue-print as a guide for your flow. Your cosmic blue-print can help you understand what exercise types and environments are naturally more effective for you, what time of day you naturally have more flow and energy, your body pre-dispositions of temperature, alignments, etc. All of this insight can help you understand why you may need certain elements, must consider certain conditions, how to plan your warm-ups, cool-downs, meals before and after exercise, your type and timing of exercise, etc.

how to exercise with us

We value the core concepts essential to exercise and wellness, and we believe in exercise styles from all over the world. We use a fusion of those methods to create a flow from what we feel is the root of it all. These exercises are what we consider to be daily essentials or rituals for "tuning in" to your life flow. These are the roots, and from here they grow in different directions to the rhythm of your flow. Be sure to read the intro of Root of It.

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