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 Cooking does not have to be expensive, show-stopping, or award worthy, but it should be a sustainable process. Even better, sustainable and enjoyable. It can be a creative, medicinal, and therapeutic journey. You may feel like it is "not your thing", but cooking is in our roots. When you know your flow & ROOT LOVE GROW ™ a little more each day in your own way, anything is possible! Be sure to read the intro of Root of It.

why is nutrition important

things to consider / The roots of nutrition and how it fits in the flow:

  1. TRAIN THE BRAIN: Why you are making unhealthy choices (we all do) is deeper than just a habit or lack of understanding, it is from deep-rooted issues of wellness and programmed beliefs. The things in life that really plant a seed in our soul that influence our choices and coping. Habits come and go. They can be broken, but root issues are much harder to uproot, release, and transform.

    (Including what we believe about the expense of wellness. Sometimes, the flow of our society focuses more on recovery than prevention (what to do after something exist) and short-term answers vs long-term solutions. Example: investing in basic wellness with exercise, nutrition, and the art of living is less stressful and much more economical than developing major health issues that require a great deal of medical attention and not to even mention the trail of issues within our daily lives and households that are a part of such. We also get convinced that eating well is difficult and expensive, when we really look at how much we are spending on already prepared meals, junk, medications, etc. Prevention through eating well is worth it!!! The more we can do for ourselves- the more power and hope we have for life, which is very valuable, but also eating healthy does not have to be expensive: think about how much longer a bag of apples & potatoes will last more than chips. A bag of kale, cucumbers, coconut water, etc can make about 10 smoothies & 2 meals @$4 (especially with Ibotta coupons) vs buying pre-made packages and bottles.

    Eating well is not a guarantee for not developing health issues, BUT it can really aid in the journey. Sometimes, it really can have the power to prevent and heal.

  2. It takes time for things to take root & it takes 1 second - 1 minute to cut a root down: Self-care is a lot of gardening and a lot of work!!!! Sometimes uncontrollable forces cut our roots, but don’t get discouraged - you still have seeds in your mind, body, soul! You just have to get right back to cultivating your garden to process it all!! Be mindful not to tear down or cut all your progress with one impulse decision. The more we say “this one drink is not going to mess us up, “this donut is not going to do that much”; each one of those things just cut right through the roots that you have been working so hard on. Each decision cuts more and more roots - leaving us uprooted, feeling overwhelmed, disconnected from wellness, lost, or discouraged. This can be a vicious cycle, because then we turn to our automatic coping programming to deal; the habits that further tear the roots apart. Sometimes, we do need to get lost to find the answers, but be sure to be aware of possible realities and precautions in a Self-Care Journey. Those things that make us feel good, our “comfort foods”, are typically not the best for us, but they do not have to be completely uprooted from your life unless the state of your health requires a restricted diet. Otherwise, it is about making mindful choices.

  3. Try not to go down the rabbit-hole of negative reinforcement or accountability by shaming your self . Step-up -own it - root through it - embrace it as part of your journey - create positive reinforcement (positive seeds of wellness) !  However, be mindful how creating a reward system with food can be creating a coping dependency rather than positive reinforcement. The best positive reinforcement is learning how to be fully present in the process and experience of the meal.

  4.  Roots & Rhythms: timing, movement, intentions, energy connections, etc. can highly influence nutrition. How food is prepared, how it is grown, when we eat it, how we eat it, etc. can all make a difference. Eating well is mostly about appreciating and valuing every bite. In a world of convenience, we are very divided by opportunity. Too many people are starving and too many people are taking food for-granted (even in households where every penny makes a difference). Too much food is going to waste and too many people are desperate for food and water. This flow is way out of balance, but we can work to improve this balance and flow by being more mindful of our choices and the roots of it all.

  5. Routines & Rituals: mindful techniques to train / re-train the mind & body. Routines and rituals help us to stay rooted to mindfulness, finding value in every little thing, learning to focus on what matters most and let go of what will just fade away one day anyway, and to create consistency. Our food experience is one we should focus our energy to being mindful and fully present for as it is one of the factors of life that is most frequent in our journey. When we do not treat it with proper care, then it becomes a reoccurring problem rather than a sacred experience; an enjoyable and insightful routine and ritual. You do not have to have defined beliefs or believe in the same things to treat something with respect. Kindness and respect is a universal language and sacred roots of being human.

  6. Seeds of survival: the essential eats of minimalist, clean living. Sometimes, you need a clean slate (or plate) to remember what you can do and what you have the power to survive with and without. (Sometimes, we are minimalist about the wrong things). The seeds of survival are about a balance and connection between mindful intentions, intuition, and instinct. It is about getting back to the essential roots of nutrition. Sometimes, when we try to change our lifestyles we often think we have to uproot everything and plant all new seeds. There are times when this is necessary (like a health crisis), but for a long-term goal of steadily improving your flow, it is more about taking everything moment by moment, recipe by recipe, day by day. It is important to keep trying new things to progress your journey, but the seeds of survival is about creating healthy -go to recipes that you can depend on each week as your foundation of nutrition and wellness.

  7. In Roots & Bones we discuss how major health concerns often share the same root issues within our mind and body of wellness. Example: inflammation is a chronic cause and symptom in most all auto-immune diseases, disorders, etc. (When the body attacks itself in some way inflammation is the result). Therefore, inflammation is a common factor in most all health issues and this is something that can be aided with proper nutrition. Nature can be a “medicine cabinet” (metaphorically & literally) : meditate with everything you do (exercise, food, etc.), create tonics and teas with healing spices and ingredients, choose foods that have healing properties, etc. Manufactured medicine and nature’s medicine is a matter of chemistry. Both are made of chemical properties. Sometimes, we do need medicine to aid in our wellness journey. Sometimes people must depend on this for survival. However, sometimes medicine can make our journey more difficult whether with immediate reactions or unknown long-term reactions. We can become dependent on such when we feel lost for answers or powerless. Sometimes medicine should only be a bridge, used as a short-term answer until we improve our state and develop more insight and strategy. Our bodies are of nature and trying to process so many things that are made from processed, unnatural sources can lead to great conflict and damage in our bodies and the body of the Earth as a whole.

  8. crEATe: with eating well it is important to establish the survival essentials like above and allow time for such things to take root. Once those Routines and Rituals and Roots and Bones are in flow, then it is time to have a little fun! To start trying new things and experimenting with your recipes, to: crEATe, play with your food! It can still be a sacred experience of kindness and respect, but we can also get in the kitchen and dance, laugh it off when it goes wrong, throw ingredients around like confetti, and have a good time!!! Because as we discuss in Laugh with Carol and Whiskey Moon Roots: Laughter is also the Best Medicine and a secret (not so secret ingredient) to the happiness and wellness of life; the Art of Living!

  9. Know your Flow Part I: we are all living a busy, chaotic life of sorts. Our journeys may follow similar roots and patterns, but life is not a one size fits all; we all have different experiences, perceptions, opportunities, resources, needs, goals, priorities, etc. This applies to our food beliefs and journey as well. Therefore, like in Routines and Rituals, creating your flow must be a personal process. It is important to take lifestyle factors in consideration (budget, schedule, etc.) However, remember to keep in mind: eating well is a root of all wellness and should take priority. It will be a process and a journey to figure out the flow of how this fits in your lifestyle best.

  10. Inner Power Intro: Know your Flow Part 2: Understand how your world within connects to the world all around (the connections of your cosmic blue-print) and how this can influence the roots and flow of your wellness and nutrition.

how to eat or crEATe with us:


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