The Root Routines & Rituals

Once you know or re-discover / replenish / or re-claim the flow of your roots, it is important to re-establish or reform your daily flow; creating routines and rituals to help strengthen your system. The main theme we discuss frequently is: we are life in motion and balance only last a moment. Therefore, every moment we must engage our consciousness to direct our minds and muscles how to flow in a way that is true to our roots. What do we really want? Will what we want best serve our flow and purpose? What do we really need? How do we get that? Sometimes, it is not a direct answer. Most of the time, it is a process; a work in progress of surrendering to the universe with patience to truly listen to the world within to attune it to the world all around. It is restoring faith in self, others, and world. It is trusting the journey is worth it, and being present enough to know when the journey is not; when it is time for a tune up.  Find or create the flow that is true to your roots in every moment.

How can establishing routines and rituals help your roots of wellness:

Creating routines and rituals helps exercise, nutrition, and wellness fall into place. We may be use to winging it, working on it when we get around to it or fading in and out of our commitment to wellness, etc. Sometimes, we build these mountains in our minds and schedules that make things harder than what they have to be. Releasing expectations and getting back to the roots is about getting back to the basics one root at a time. Dedicating time to really establishing a root before trying to move on or take on another. Root wellness is about the art of patience and setting an authentic pace for your journey.

It is not a race, because none of us truly no what our timelines are on this Earth. Therefore, everything should be a ritual; a sacred experience. Imagine what the world would be like if we all created a little more time to value all the little things, to create mindful, compassionate rituals, and to prioritize our wellness and the roots of life. Each one of us have different priorities, definitions of success, and beliefs of the meaning of life, but too often human nature of survival still drives us to compete, throw elbows, crave more, etc. no matter what it takes, sometimes even at the costs of others. Sometimes, we tell ourselves it is because we deserve it, we want to be able to give our children everything, it is for the greater good, that the more you have, the more you will give back. Yes, these things may be true, but sometimes the intentions are for the ego and not the spirit, even if it is being driven by your shadow self (your deeper - subconscious). Are you really listening to what is best for your well-being, your happiness, your children’s happiness, and those around you (animals, people, Mother Earth)? When we do not, our spirit starts screaming at us from within, whether through anxiety, depression, hunger, physical symptoms and pain, etc. As a society, convenience and doing whatever it takes to drown out the nagging feelings too often become the norm rather than getting down to the roots, creating time to establish or re-establish routines and rituals through mindful discovery and development. These are often the things that quickly get cut out of our lives, homes, schools, and healthcare.

Once we acknowledge these things, release the roots (instincts, origins, and intentions) that are not supporting our best flow, then we can re-plant the roots or create time for new roots to develop.

The seeds of today, grow the roots of tomorrows.
— Rootin for your life