Saplings (kids) 

The Rootin For Your Life Journey


Content for children of all ages.  Children are the seeds, the roots, the core, and the branches of life. We must value and invest in their health and their life. Children are the better tomorrow. 









Getting Started | Things to Know :

Things to know: 

  • This content is blog based. Everything will be delivered through blog posts.

  • Our online services follow an age policy for safe practices. Therefore, our featured content, workshops, & services all adhere to such.

  • This page is kid-friendly, but created in a family -oriented way for parents or guardians to oversee and implement.

  • At times, there may be in-person opportunities for family friendly workshops or events.

How does the Rootin' FLOW work for the saplings: 

  • Stay in touch with the blog.

  • Stay in touch with the newsletter & social media for updates & special features.

  • Read the welcome and rootin' flow pages for our methods & vibes. The Saplings' blog follows the same ideaology, but from a mindful child approach. Many of the activities in the FREE Root & Flow Sessions are family-friendly:


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