WINE & Root 

A Rootin For Your Life Inspo Feature 

wine lil.jpg

What is this? 

A healthy, mindful life is about balance & flow, which we talk about all throughout Rootin'. This fun series brings these concepts together to explore methods & meals to enjoying a Friday night by "wining a lil " & "rootin' a lot". The "wining" or "whining" is about letting your hair down and doing what you got to do to shake off the bad vibes in a balanced, mindful flow. Whenever, we do this though, we want to make sure we are planting in or creating more good vibes . We may drink the glass or life may do it for us to "half empty", but let's restore it to "half full" through fun, conscious ways. 

We will do different themes to pump up the mojo. 

When / Where : 

This is mostly online on this website on the Inspo Blog and on IG @hellowhiskeymoon . 

We hope to have some opportunities in-person eventually. 

We try to do this every Friday, but we may miss a few due to scheduling conflicts, holidays, or life. Follow our IG to stay in the loop! We also do some fun giveaways ! It is also a main feature in the Root & Flow Calendar Sessions.