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Rootin' for your Life

Conscious Living & Intuitive Wellness


Create your flow

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Journey through the roots of LifE in the nature within & all around! 

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Online or In-person with a guided, mindful approach


We have been unplugged from majority of social media while in the full commitment of creating and developing. While in demo mode, our goal is to plug back in to get the rhythm going. Explore our website, subscribe to the newsletter, & follow our social media! We look forward to rootin’ with ya!

About us


Rootin' for your life is an online & pop-up community for one-of-a-kind journeys into wellness. 

You are the co-creator of your Life & the best advocate! You have the power within & all around to Re-connect with your life flow! 

Our goal is to offer holistic insights and doses of wellness throughout the day in the home, office, classrooms, near, far, and wherever you are. We love bringing a community together, but sometimes it can be difficult to create time or align schedules for all to flow. Therefore, we strive to not only build a community, but to bring the community to you. It is important to take time to reconnect with self and the world within before connecting with the world all around. Your flow starts & ends with You! Everyone is on their own unique journey. Our approach is not to provide you with the answers, but to offer methods of exploring the roots and rhythms of creating a conscious life. We are rootin' for ya! 

Root with us: 


Let's help each other Root Love Grow™ for the circle of life to flow ! 

Blogs | Workshops |guided coaching sessions |community support

Explore how to become a part of our Growing Community (Our "Community Garden" ):


YOU are all important Roots keeping our Core Strong & our branches Full of Light & Love! 

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Root with us info:

Or keep scrolling for latest blog posts, insights, & vibes. 

Thank you from the depths of our Rootin' Hearts! 

We started Rootin' for your Life many moons ago from the dreams dancing through our minds and the seeds planted in our souls. It has only existed thus far in our journals, vision boards, and a few attempts at creating a blog. However, the timing to birth it into the flow of reality had to wait for more pieces of our journey to be unveiled, and my goodness…. did they unveil, in the truest form of life; the ebb and flow, the highs and low, the moments of light & dark. The struggle is real, but Through the Fog there is Beauty! We have many years and miles of wellness experience, but more importantly, we have been on our own journey of getting back to the roots of healing and creating. We look forward to sharing our vibes with you and rootin' with ya! Discover more about our journey & the seeds we are working to grow by exploring the welcome & about us pages. ROOT LOVE GROW™ with us !  

We love your Glow!!!!!