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Together, we Root Love Grow ™ !

Rootin' For Your Life is a conscious living and intuitive wellness community of mindfully balancing conventional life with a holistic, back to the roots approach. We encourage and instruct through natural living, but we understand the importance of modern life. Our goal is to offer a free-spirit environment conducive to authentic discovery and development of your roots and rhythms.

Whether you are looking to change the flow of your recipes, mindset, or the flow of your whole life.... Come ROOT LOVE GROW™ with us! 

Our focus & Flow

How& WHY We Root Love Grow

It takes time for things to take root.
— Rootin for your life

Our main focus is to help you Be your Own Advocate of understanding how your world within fits and flows with the world all around. Everything we do is through the ROOTIN’ FLOW (aka The Root & Flow Method).

Life is a complex root system. Every root is on its own journey of digging through the earth, developing a path, and sustaining a flow for not only itself, but the full Circle of Life; the world within us and all around us.


ROOT LOVE GROW ™ is our trademark mantra. With any flow, whether creating a recipe, doing a workout, meditation, life session, DIY project, etc, we follow this approach. As we root through life with doses of wellness throughout the day, the more it becomes a natural flow.

It is to ensure a mindful approach of establishing or re-establishing fully conscious and intentional actions and reactions. Everything is a journey going through seasons, cycles, and phases; the spiral of growth. Nature already has a wellness map for us. When we learn the harmony of our natural roots and rhythms in relation to the seasons, moon, and the world all around us, the more natural synchronicity flows in the world within. Every vibe has flow and meaning. What defines the journey of understanding such is our power of perception and character. The roots of who we are, our self-awareness work ethic, our abilities to change and grow, and our commitment to keep improving our flow and understanding of life are all factors in how we co-create our life.

Quick look at the Root & Flow process meanings:

ROOT  (Origins & Instincts)

LOVE (Intentions & Vibes)

GROW (Conditions & Consciousness)

FLOW  (Actions & Reactions)

rlgf moon (3).png

Rootin for your Life is our intuitive, creative approach to instructing and guiding conscious wellness. It came from all the pieces of our own chaotic wellness journey. The process of putting the pieces together helped us learn how to Calm the Sea Within and to work at creating a path of accepting life as a work in progress.

pic by Devin, quote by Lisa

pic by Devin, quote by Lisa

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife duo: Devin & Lisa.

Rootin for Your Life was born in the Seeds of our Soul many moons ago.

 Before we united, we each had long dreamed of having our own animal rescue & environmental / wellness clinic to help guide, heal, and connect people with nature and conscious living. Our twin flame spirits came together through music; band in middle & high school. When our forces of life came together, so did these dreams. We knew it would be a very long journey before getting to such milestones. We knew we had to go out into the world to not only collect more Seeds to our Soul and mission, but to heal and grow to learn how to care for our own bubble of energy. After years of branching out into the world …. life made it clear when it was time to let the leaves fall & return to the roots…. like most things in life… and like all transformations… it was a process of pain & beauty.

In a way, Rootin’ is like our open wellness journal. All of these concepts came from our own struggles and journey. We too do our best to ROOT LOVE GROW™ our FLOW a little more each day.




Living a holistic, conscious life was/is important to us both. We have battled a lot of things from the earliest ages; many of the horrors that life can do to invade your emotional, social, mental, environmental, and physical well-being. We have survived a lot of things, but really had to clean out our life (in all ways) in order to do so (and it is always a work in progress). We are minimalist; we prioritize conscious friendly living supportive to our environment, animals, and humanity. If that means adapting our lifestyle, redefining our priorities, reexamining our cost of living, making lifestyle sacrifices, or learning more about how to sustain our life from the bare essentials of nature, then this is what must be done in order for our soul to feel clean, happy, and free. 

“All good things are wild and free.”


Vibes & Dreams

Everything on the website, in our workshops and content, and our graphics have been carefully created and curated by our own two hands from our personal and professional experiences of life to do our best to offer a mindful, inclusive, and safe space to ROOT LOVE GROW™ a healthier, happier life for anyone crossing this path. We do our best to keep all content up to date, relevant and supportive of the times, and to follow through on what our mission is. We are still very much so in the beginning sprouts of creating this resource center. With just the two of us, it can be a lot to sustain. We are in this structure at this time to limit costs as much as possible, so we can offer as many free resources and opportunities to the public as possible. However, we plan to branch out through partnerships, sponsorship, and services, so we can better serve all of our beloved Rooters and to continue our dream of developing this resource center.  At the moment, we are based online. At times, we are available for in-person workshops, pop-ups, and services. 

Our goal is for the seeds planted to grow into a resource & retreat center for Rootin'.

Meanwhile, we are living life breath by breath, moment by moment; on our own journey of breathing deeper, further awakening, detoxing the negative clutter, and revitalizing the senses to be fully present and conscious of our own flow. Together, we ROOT LOVE GROW ™ a little more each day!

Pic by Devin's Grandfather from WWII , edited with quote addition

Pic by Devin's Grandfather from WWII , edited with quote addition



To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow.
— Audrey Hepburn

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The seeds we plant today - grow the roots of tomorrows.
— Rootin for your Life

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