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Welcome to May!!!

Wednesday, May 1

Core Care: May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

*****Wednesday Wildflowers******

What flowers are you excited for this Spring?

What are you doing for your Core-Care (Self-Care) this Spring? What are your may goals? How are you planning to bloom?

Thursday, May 2

Heart of the Matter: What’s in Bloom?

What is giving your Heart Chakra all the Good Feels?

Friday, May 3

Wine & Root: Taurus Edition (Earthly Delights)

Tonight’s menu:

-Drunken mushrooms in red wine, oregano, Worcestershire sauce, sage, salt, and pepper

-Sauteed Kale, black beans, and Sweet potatoes with butter, walnuts, and the dashes of cayenne pepper (according to spice level preference) - serve with Quinoa

Taurus is an Earth Sign that enjoys Earthy Delights and creating comfort and pleasure in life.

Saturday, May 4

“May the 4th be With You”

“The Force”, like in Star Wars, is in flow with some of our concepts in Inner Power; how you are attuned to the energy within you and all around you hand ow you align with it and develop it.

Today, be one with your inner chi and see what comes to you or what you connect with. Check out the Chakra and Reiki pages for insight.

Sunday, May 5

New Moon in Taurus


With the New Moon and the Solar Month in Taurus, this energy is all about grounding; releasing what is not practical to your new life flow and nurturing the priorities that give you the most success, comfort, and pleasure. What do you need to step up to and what makes you happy? What can you do to make your priorities flow with your desires? Are you too grounded to what is no longer serving you well or are you to up in the air about the things you are working to manifest? What can you release to move further into the flow that positively grounds, nurtures, and balances you?

Love yo MAMAs week

Whether you are a mama, celebrating mothers, or are a mother-like figure , this week is all about you and celebrating mamas!!!

Monday, May 6

Meals for Mamas

Mondays, we focus on the Roots of Food .

What is a family meal passed down from mamas or a meal that makes you feel like a superhero mom?

A few things in my household that celebrate the mama energy:

-Devin’s Tomato Pasta Sauce & Baked Mac n Cheese (passed down from mom & grandma)

-Nana’s Biscuits & Pecan Pie

-My Mama’s snicker-doodle cookies and chicken salad (even though I don’t eat chicken salad anymore - she makes a great modified version.) She also makes a great vegetarian sausage-cheese dip and a vegetarian water-gate salad .


Vegetarian “Sausage -Cheese” Dip (my Dad makes it too sometimes):

Mix vege sauagage crumbles (brand examples: morningstar, gardenia, etc.) , red pepper hummus, sour cream, and optional: finely chopped mushrooms and cook in a crockpot on low.

 Tuesday, May 7

Hours of Power: Mama Power

Be sure to check out what Hours of Power are first: here

Mother’s Day Edition: Sacral Chakra Energy is what we often talk about on Tuesdays. The Sacral Energy goes through many transformations of womanhood. So today, our Hours of Power will focus on Healing Sacral Chakra Exercises: a sacral yoga flow, squats, lunges, leg lifts, and butterfly.

Wednesday, May 8

Core Care: “5’oclock somewhere”

Today’s self-care/core-care is all about taking time to unwind. Sundown can be a draining and energizing time. The dinner - bed hours can be a rush time to get things done while also being the time to start settling in. This can be a time when we take a breath, or that we are so busy that taking a breath blows by, or a time when anxiety gets a second wind while thinking about the day and then all things to do tomorrow. For children and elderly sundown can be a trying time. This is a time when doing a calming exercise is very important: art therapy, music therapy, etc. Even if it is just a few minutes, create a routine to focus on a calming activity to close the chapter of the day. It can be as simple as watching the sun set and looking for the moon to rise; saying goodnight to the sun and welcome to the moon. Mantras that focus on being present can be helpful for this time of day. This is a time of day when mamas are especially busy, so Mamas after you get the kids or other family members calm, take a little time to do your own calming mantras and routines. You may have a long list of others you are looking out for, but self-care is vital. It is hard to pour from a cup that is empty.

Thursday, May 9

Garden Life

Sometimes, it’s not about what grows, it’s about the therapy of planting the seeds and talking to the plants, and somewhere along the way you discover what you were looking for even if you do not get from it what you intended.


Friday, May 10

Wine & Root: Donuts

Is there a such thing as a healthy donut?


The real question, is it still as yummy ?

Well, it’s like trying to compare apples and oranges. Each are great, but they are each their own thing!

If you like donuts, look into getting a donut pan for future recipes with us. You can find them for about $7 at most places.


Saturday, May 11


Mother’s Day Edition: Roses & Quartz


Roses are not only beautiful, but a way of sharing our feelings when words are difficult. “Actions speak louder than words”, and sometimes the color and symbolism of something can translate the depths of expression and meaning.

Roses are often used as this messenger. Across cultures, the roses and their colors can mean many different things, but we can all agree it is a symbol of life and expression.

I like to refer to the Tarot cards often. In the cards, roses are symbol of balance. They can signify hope and new beginnings, but as we all know; roses have thorns. They are beautiful, but they can be painful if not careful; much like the balance of life. Also, much like motherhood; the journey to becoming a mother and giving birth can be difficult and excruciating, but it brings a beautiful life into this world. Then, the journey of caring for such life can be amazing, but equally challenging. The thorns in Tarot cards, represent; defense, loss, physical presence, and the absence of mindfulness.

Celebrate the wonders and beauties of life, but do not forget to be mindful of the thorns.


Quartz is a rock crystal of natural silicone dioxide. As we discuss throughout all lessons; all life is energy. Everything has chemical and energy properties of purpose and flow. We too are energy and resonate with energy in different ways.

We are going to focus on clear quartz for this lesson, because when learning about energy and crystals, this is a good place to start. It is a powerful healing crystal and medium for energy. It is associated with all elements and zodiac signs. From the study of science, chemistry, energy, and nature, we know there is positive and negative energy; polarity of a magnetic field. We all flow within the magnetic fields and feel the pushes and pulls of energy.

Clear quartz : clarity and harmony of energy.

When things are clear, we are able to see and better understand.

Clear quartz is like this in nature; it absorbs the properties of all life; positive and negative. It regulates this energy to sustain its own form. Therefore, its nature of energy amplifies our own natural power to regulate our balance of energy. We will dig deeper into crystals and energy a little more each time we do #coffeeandcrystals lessons and workshops, but this is just a seed of thought for today.

Sunday, May 12



What are the moments you live for?

What makes you laugh?

What are your greatest loves?

Reflect on all the little, simple moments of life, love, and laughter.

Monday, May 13

Meals on the Go

Getting a filling meal does not have to be large in size. Some of the smallest ingredients pack the biggest punch. Example: peas, beans, and nuts are loaded with protein.

Today, simply reflect on this thought. We will be going over recipes and nutrition in future lessons, but transforming habits has to start with the mindset: weeding out old thoughts, planting new seeds of thought, then watering and nurturing it. “It takes time for things to take root.”

Tuesday, May 14

Hours of Power? Orange ya Glad!

How does orange make you feel?

Orange is thought to inspire good vibes from the happy feels to the craving to eat healthy. Also, sometimes we don’t have a craving to eat healthy until we sweat and really work up an appetite, therefore Hours of Power before eating is a great way to boost the metabolism and trigger good vibes. Hours of power and orange slices!!!! Sometimes when we are feeling tired and drained, we turn to caffeine, but often it’s because our oxygen, circulation, and sugar levels are dropping. This means it’s important to get them in flow again. Hours of power can boost energy. Orange slices are a natural way to boost sugar levels without the processed sugars and caffeine overload/eventual crash.

Wednesday, May 15

Core Care: Have your Cake and eat it to

Like the donut conversation above, cake can be healthy. As we take about often: Moderation, Modification, and Mindfulness !! Eating cake does not mean you have to indulge or “cheat”. Eating well is not about depriving ourselves of the “good stuff”; it is about creating habits where enjoying a piece of cake is not going to be the one thing that throws the whole flow of progress out the door. If this is true, then the stress of counting every bite and feeling bad about it may be equally as harmful to your wellness. The theme of everything we talk about is to get back to the roots of survival essentials to where you can flow with mindfulness and freedom. However, sometimes we have to make the big choices and changes, so the little choices of indulgence do not add up and counteract or throw the whole flow of progress.

If we are battling the choice to eat a piece of cake or not, this alone is not the issue. The sources of the issues are deep within the layers of the mind, body, and soul. When we address these sources and choices; the deeper roots and layers of our life flow, and get back to the basics of mindfulness, then eating cake may not be as big of a dilemma.

Thoughts of Mindfulness:

A Method for Making Choices

Some of us may not be the biggest icing fans, but others LOVE it !!! However, rarely are cake decisions made by just looking at the icing, we consider the layers of it: what is the substance, is there filling, what kind of filling? (etc)

Just like this equation of making a decision of cake, we too must consider this when we reflect on any choice or concept of life; there are always layers. There is a mind, body, and soul to it. OR There is icing, substance, and filling to it. Are you just going by the icing or getting to the substance and the filling of it?

life is cake (1).jpg

Thursday, May 16

National Love a Tree Day


Today and every day,

thank a tree, look at a tree and think about the story it tells, hug a tree, love a tree!

Friday, May 17

Wine & Root: Edible Flowers

Check out these Pinterest Boards for Inspiration with Edible Flowers:

Here and Here

Saturday, May 18

Full Moon in Scorpio


Scorpio is ancient vibes and brings forward the depth of instinctual feelings and habits related to natural instincts. Full moons are all about things coming to light; coming forward and outward. Therefore, your instincts and feelings of such habits may be very strong during this time and also enlightening to why you do what you do, what you crave, what you have been observing, and what you are willing to fight for. It may also be insightful to how you have been stung or misunderstood by others or how you have been stinging/misunderstanding others or yourself.

Sunday, May 19


Did anything come to light in last night in Scorpio’s Full Moon? How do you plan to go forward with such insights? Reflect on this in your morning meditations.

Monday, May 20

National Pick Strawberries Day, which fits right in with our Root Chakra and Food Conversations on Mondays. Whether you get to a farm today, a market, grocery store, or already have them at home, enjoy some strawberries!

Today, is also national rescue dogs’ day, so if you have a rescue dog, give them a big ole’ hug today. If not, consider volunteering or donating to help those who still need a happy home or a hug.

Welcome to Gemini Season


Tuesday, May 21

Roots & Rhythms: Gemini Edition

Today, the sun enters Gemini to start the solar month of Gemini:

May 21 - June 21

Learn about Roots & Rhythms: here

& more about Gemini: here

Gemini is all about wanderlust, adventure, communication, and freedom. Roots and Rhythms focuses on body language, movement therapy, artful expression and freedom, and connections to the energy within and all around. For a Gemini Flow - see the graphic above with the Gemini Summary. Follow the pictures of the Gemini yoga poses to create a Gemini flow. Notice how these poses help stretch the Throat Chakra: it opens the airway for enhancing breathing and expression.

May 22-23

learn more about Gemini Core Care & Wellness in the graphic above & : here

Friday, May 24

Wine & Root: Chakra Walk Edition

To learn more about the Wine & Root Concept: here and Chakras: here

The Chakra Walk is one of my favorite ways to connect with nature and something I do frequently in my own life. It is much like a scavenger hunt, but the items to discover are not specific and more about what you feel called to or what naturally crosses your path. It is to just go out on a walk and look for natural elements that vibe with each Chakra. We start with our Root Chakra (the bottom of the chart) and work our way up. The purpose is to learn about setting our intentions and taking time to be fully present and mindfully connect to life around us. Chakra elements can be rocks, flowers, feathers, animals, etc. You can collect the items if it does not harm the natural surroundings. If it is an animal, then this is just nature crossing our path and is only meant to be admired, this is something you can take a picture of or journal about. For guided sessions and workshops (we do a variety of this format as a tool to connect as a group or teach independent mindfulness) stay tuned for upcoming opportunities. Meanwhile, enjoy this activity on your own, with your family, or Friday night group. This is our Wine & Root night, so for this feature, this activity is suggested after dinner. Take some time to unplug and unwind. Get out in nature, in an area you feel safe and comfortable with. From the Root to the Crown Chakra - what elements do you connect with or notice on your walk?

chakra walk.jpg

Saturday, May 25


Crystals for a Gemini : see the graphic above.

Sunday, May 26

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

I am a Blueberry-holic , I love, love, love blueberries!!!!

I also love cheesecake and cheescake makes me think of golden girls, so today for #morningmeditations I am channeling mantras from the Golden Girls and making blueberry cheesecake pancakes and waffles !!!


Monday, May 27

Not to rain on the parade, but today has more meaning to it than the time we take to acknowledge it. Sure, we may wave the flag and write a post in memory of those lost, but do we really feel the weight or make an effort to understand the price of freedom? There are many families and veterans struggling with such a price. This is a topic that is too disregarded. Today, try to create a little time to meet with veterans - hear their stories, or research the facts about veteran suicide, ptsd, homelessness, and how you can help, brainstorm positive ways to raise awareness and create change, etc. Those who gave their lives would want us to celebrate our freedom with family, friends, good food, and good times, but they would also want us to know how much was given for such and to do better than falling into patterns of human irresponsibility that contributes to the bigger national and global problems; every voice matters. May your voice give gratitude to those who risk their lives in the beliefs of freedom and security. Such deeds allow us to gather together and have a cookout, but it is also important to remember those who are unable to be at the cookout or those who are currently struggling from the sacrifice or injustice of the world we live in. War and conflict is not something we endorse. Many aspects of the military agenda is not one we always agree with. However, it is about being part of change from within. The more that stand together with good intentions for freedom and equality, then the better the chances of creating the opportunities for such are. There are times when this does not feel true, when voices are being silenced and disregarded, and when hope feels lost, and this is why it is always important to remember the roots of such a day.

Healthy cookout: celebrate with fruits, veges, beans, and farm-fresh goods !!!! Try not to overdo on the carbs, sweets, and alcohol. Live a little, but pace yourself , breathe in the summer air, stay hydrated, etc. !

Tuesday, May 28

Roots & Rhythms: Feel the Burn

To review the concept of Roots & Rhythms: here

Feel the Burn Activity:

Today, we are reviewing the Sacral Chakra . A good way to kick-off the week, especially after a holiday weekend is to burn some Calories and boost our energy. We are life in motion; we need to move and flow to naturally restore our energy: to move our blood, oxygen, food, and water through our body. I suggest doing this activity in the a.m., even if you have to wake-up a little earlier to get 20 minutes of time. Your mind and body will thank you for it. Today’s mantra, the Sacral Mantra, is: I CAN !!! This Root & Flow workout is 4 , 5-minute Cardio & Toning Circuits that target the Sacral Center; the lower abdomen and connecting muscle groups.

For more information, inclusive / modified lifestyle exercises, and demos stay tuned for upcoming sessions and workshops. Meanwhile, feel free to use this chart and information as insight or if you feel comfortable to do the exercises or to do exercises rooted from this concept, please do mindfully. Have a great workout!

sacral cardio burn.jpg

Wednesday, May 29

Core Recovery

Senior Health & Fitness Day

“Life in motion, stays in motion”. The older we get, the harder it is to stay in motion, which is why health and fitness is very important in ALL STAGES of life. Lifestyle exercises; getting out of chairs, walking, raising arms, etc, are especially important for seniors. For ideas and lessons for a variety of lifestyle needs and circumstances stay tuned to the Laugh with Carol blog: here & on our social media.


Thursday, May 30

National Creativity & National Water a Flower Day

The Earth laughs in Flowers.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thought for the day: walk among the flowers or take time to “smell the roses”. Inspiration from the colors and aromatherapy can inspire creativity. Nature is life’s art. Flowers are messengers. They can be a symbol of identity and expression. They can be healing or simply appealing.

Friday, May 31

Wine & Root: Mocktails

+National Smile Day

& National Heat Awareness Day

Today’s Root & Flow are healthy tips to kick-off summer:

  1. Enjoying a good drink can be just as fun without alcohol. Creating mocktails, non-alcoholic mixed drinks, can be a way to even fit in good nutrition and hydration. Coconut water is a great substitute and wonderful for hydrating with electrolytes.

  2. National Smile Day: smiles are contagious !! Radiate Good Vibes!!! Sometimes the weight of the world feels heavy, but sometimes if we take a little more time to create happiness from within, it feels much lighter. Whether it’s dancing in the sunlight, picking flowers, or gathering with those you love, do more of what makes you smile!

  3. Heat Awareness: Over-heating can contribute to health conditions and even be life threatening. It is very important to be mindful of the heat. Our body is mostly water. Hydration and electrolytes are important. Electrolytes help balance the water and PH level in the body. Nutrition of certain foods can help stay hydrated. If we do not retain water, then it goes right through. Bananas, carrots, watercress, salmon, and celery are to name a few.

    Pets, children, elderly, and those with health conditions are at higher risk for struggles in the heat, especially in certain environments: no shade, cars, etc.

Stay Cool! Have Fun! Be present! Be mindful! Stay hydrated! Eat Well! Live Well! Have a great Summer!!!