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Fall is on its way!! I love summer, I love all seasons, but Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the spices and flavors of fall! Here are a few of our favorite meals:

Baked Maple Bourbon Fruit:

-on stove-top with sliced pears, apples, and peaches bake with 2 shots of maple syrup (optional: throw in a splash of bourbon - the syrup we have already had the bourbon flavor in it), and cook with raisins and/or your granola of choice. I look to cook until it softens with still a slight crunch to the fruit and granola. This is the luscious taste of pie without the extra carbs.

Pumpkin Coconut Curry:

In a crock-pot for a few hours bring a vegan protein or vegetable broth with 1 can of pure pumpkin, 1 can of coconut milk, 1 cup of carrots and cauliflower, sage, curry powder, turmeric, black pepper, salt, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to a nice warm, silky soup. Top with a nut mix and golden raisins & yum!!!!

Home fries & poached eggs:

We only like to eat eggs when they are from chickens we know are treated well and loved. We have a local supplier. It makes the soul feel so much better!! Poaching eggs can be tricky, but with a little patience and practice - then it is good morning on a plate! Bring 2 cups of water & 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a boil with a dash of salt. Once boiling, gently crack your eggs. Wait for each egg to begin to slowly rise. Then, gently stir in same direction a little at a time (trying not to actually touch the egg). Then, before they become fully solid, gently lift them out of the water and onto the plate with a strainer spoon. Our favorite to serve them on is: waffles with asparagus, avocado toast, hash-browns, or home fries.


The energy of the roots and rhythms echos and ripples across the vast void of space and time.

Our animal friends need us. We are their voice. We are their caretakers. As humans we have access to the choices and resources that destroy and create. We have the knowledge for conscious co-existence when we learn to do the soul-work of creating peace and understanding. There are many ways you can make the choices to be more mindful of wildlife. Eventually, this will become a normal part of your #dailyroots.

  1. Go meatless (at least reduce your meat-based diet). For Devin and I this was not just a choice, but a commitment; it was a complete lifestyle makeover for ethical and health reasons. Like anything, it was a journey and process of adjustments. A lot changed. Some were unexpected good things. A lot of it was difficult, but it was all worth it. Including, our monthly grocery bill was a quarter of what it once was. However, even with its difficulties it was something we imagined being more difficult, mostly due to our programmed beliefs about what we were personally capable of. We thought cutting certain products out of our life was going to be impossible, but this is just what our habits wanted us to believe. Once you commit to overcoming the convenience, impulse decisions, and the cravings, then the world begins to open up in so many new ways and those faded impressions of the past are not missed. It is a matter of learning not to sacrifice the soul-work over comfort. The judgement from others gets old and challenging. There were times it made our life harder in so many ways, but at the end of the day, we could lay our heads down knowing we were listening and being true to what we needed for our inner peace, wellness, and conscious co-existence. We have never believed on pushing our lifestyle on others, we simply believe in living life in a way that feels right to us and if others want to know more about it, then we are here.

  2. Conscious Shopping: sometimes the cost of convenience is way too high! How can companies afford to make something so cheap and still make profit should always be a question on the brain. Typically, the answer is not something you will want to hear. A good percentage of the time things are being made at “affordable rates” due to the lack of ethical considerations. This is a topic we will dig into later. For now, keep in mind; what the real price may be. Life is not just about dollar signs. What lives are going into the things we buy?

  3. Get involved in local communities. Visit your local wildlife facilities and reservations to find out how you can get involved in projects to help your local environment thrive! However, even the little moments can make a difference and save lives. Slow down when something is crossing the road. Appreciate all living things; from the tiny bugs to the biggest, majestic beings of the animal kingdom. It is all connected! The more we forget this, the more we lose our compassion. When stomping on bugs to far worse acts against nature become a norm, it weakens our love for all life.


Thought for the day / just a reminder: just because you are experiencing good weather, does not mean there are not storms. Whether you are in the same household, town, or miles apart the conditions differ from person to person, place to place, perspective to perspective. One person may be experiencing sun beams and cool breezes while another is just trying to survive the storm. This is not to rain on the parade or to make you feel bad for enjoying the sunshine; we should always be grateful for the sunny moments in our life. However, it is also important to not take them for-granted and to try to be more mindful of what others are experiencing. It is also important to be mindful of how many conditions are not seen or known unless you are the one going through it. Example: all rain begins and ends somewhere. Sometimes, it pops-up and disappears. Sometimes, it can be raining right in front of you, yet sunny where you are. Think of when you have been driving down the road and can see the rain ahead, but in your present moment it is still sunny. Think of this literally and metaphorically in regards to people. We never know the conditions someone else is experiencing. Even when we do, sometimes things are not always what they seem. Just because you see someone dancing in the rain and enjoying the moment, does not mean they have not fought to survive the storms. Sometimes, it means they learned a long time ago how to make the best of things, even in the hardest times.


Today, find a good book to stick your nose in. Whether you read a few pages, chapters, or commit to a whole book, go on an adventure! We expand our worlds when we read!!!

Embrace the wild side!!! Get back to the rugged roots !! However, if you want to make it smell good, feel great, and look awesome… check out Ollie & Max Soap co. on Etsy for great beard products : Here

Picture by Ollie & Max, visit their Etsy above !!!

Picture by Ollie & Max, visit their Etsy above !!!


I’ve been writing about my grandparents often through the Laugh with Carol Blog and in my background pieces, but today, I honor this one of a kind woman; Devin’s Grandma! She has been by our side, Rootin’ for us since the beginning!! Today, and as often as you can - remind your Grandparents how important they are! Try to remember what they are going through. They’ve been on a long journey of getting older and watching their life and loved ones fade from them into the abyss of time. Life changes so fast and with all they have lived through, the world can be an overwhelming and sometimes unfamiliar place. However, when we remember the little things; whether it is a card, a call, or a kiss on the cheek, life seems a little more familiar.


Learn more about Feel Good Foods & the crEATe project in the nutrition section on Root of It: Here



Getting our hands dirty (in a good way), growing and preparing our own food, moving our bodies in nature, and connecting with plant energy is one of the most powerful and instinctual, therapeutic methods for sustaining a living and elevating our energy.

Learn how to make “plant power” (workouts, recipes, and remedies) a part of your daily flow with upcoming workshops & by continuing to follow our #dailyroots !

Today’s lesson is an answer to the most common question I receive about “plant power”: “Can you really get enough nutrition by eating a plant-based diet?”

The simple answer is: Yes!

However, there are things to know to make this yes hold truth. The root of it is (in any diet): are you eating healthy or are you eating junk? You can be a vegan, but still eat junk food ! If you are depending on pre-made meals and “junk food” items to get your fill, then you still may be missing out on all the good nutrients you need.

Therefore, the more complex answer to this question is: you can be on nearly any diet and still fall into unhealthy habits.

It always comes down to intentions and choices! This includes, how much work you put into discovering and preparing the right resources. Even though there are common healthy roots to follow in a plant-based diet, we are each still different with our own needs and considerations. How to figure out what those are and how to meet them - stay tuned for future lessons!!!!

Sometimes life can feel unbearable! In such times, it can be difficult to even find the words or the will to see our way through to the next moment, in those moments… even if you cannot find the words… call:


You are not alone!!! Your place on this Earth matters!!! You are part of the flow of it all!!! You may feel alone and you may be alone in many ways. We are part of the flow, but we are also each on our own journey, which can get overwhelming, terrifying, and lonely. This is okay!!!!

Sometimes no one knows how much you are struggling.

Sometimes no one knows what you have been through.

Sometimes no one knows how much pain you are in.

Especially, when you know how to hide it so well.

No one knows how tired you are from the weight of the world, the constant battles, and the voices in your head.

No one knows how many times you have stood strong while facing your demons.

No one knows how much your soul has been tortured.

No one knows how hard it is to be in your shoes.

Only you know these things and that is okay!

Just because others do not think about your perspective, listen to your vibes, or understand your journey - does not make it meaningless or worth ending. It’s true many people are bad listeners, are rooted to their own perspectives, in pursuit of their own needs, feelings, and agenda, but this does not make your life or your truth less than. The Earth as a whole values your place in it, you have the power within to connect with all things. When we water a plant, feed a cat, sing with a bird, cuddle with a dog; our presence is appreciated. You are never truly alone; all of these little life-forms of energy around us are part of our journey. However, the journey can be a lonely road. When you have lived with the constant pain inside and had to learn how to survive on your own with it for so long, it takes its toll. When you have tried to share your voice or ask for help, and have been rejected or mistreated so many times, it takes its toll. Sometimes life is terrifying, overwhelming, and crippling. It can seem hopeless and you can feel helpless at times. However, no matter how foggy and heavy it gets, it is possible for the good in it all to exist. The struggle will always be there. The pain will always be there. The memories will always be there. The frustration of it all will always be there. The triggers will always be there. There will be those who may understand and respect our triggers and there will be those who do not. Even when you work to set boundaries in your life and tell your story, there will be those who do not get it or struggle to truly hear you. It may be something they can not relate to. Sometimes, it is not something they want to face. If it is someone close to you, they may take everything you say and do personally, because it forces them to re-examine their own perspectives of their own memories, which is something not many people are willing to do. This can make it extremely difficult to keep doing all the work you are doing to get through it all. However, in such scenarios we can choose to accept these things, keep doing the work to better our own lives, or to part ways from what does not give us peace, but peace must always come from within. No matter how much something or someone robbed you of peace, peace is still possible within your own mind, body, and soul. It may feel so far away from you and it may be a journey to restore it; it will be a process - every moment of every day. I know you are tired of fighting for this, but you have the strength to keep going!!!!

The more we come to terms with what gives us positive support and empowerment, the more we can discover peace in our existence. There will be bad days when none of it seems possible. Sometimes we may feel like we will never rise above it all. Every day will be a constant battle of greeting these facts about your life. It is painful, but no matter how alone you are or feel, you have the power within to create peace in your life. The world around you and within may still be in chaos. Pain will still exist, but it can co-exist with peace. You have this power deep within to find or create the peace in your mind and spirit. The hardest part is it only last a moment. Life is in motion; we are constantly moving whether we are ready or not. Our brains are operating faster than what our consciousness can process. Our Earth is steadily on the move with all life shifting as we go. The universe is steadily flowing. Therefore, about time we root ourselves to one moment, we are already in the next. One moment has the power to change our whole life. We have the power to decide how we act or react to each moment. However, once a moment has passed, it is one we can never get back. Before we become too rooted to perceptions or decisions, sometimes we truly do need to give it time. It takes time for seeds to turn to roots and for things to take root and attach, bloom, and grow. On the flip side of that, once roots have become well developed, they can be difficult to remove. Therefore, if there are things that need to be uprooted, this too is a process that takes time. Time itself can be an overwhelming concept, but time can be an opportunity. The most important two seeds in the journey in the garden of our life is trust and faith. These two are also the hardest to believe in, especially when times are difficult. When events have occurred to cause you to lose faith and trust in yourself and/or others these two seeds can seem so far away from us, but with a little water each day, it is possible to restore them.


Today is a day that echos across our nation and world. This day may cause us to remember the acts of rage and destruction, but we have the power to change the tides by not allowing such acts to corrupt our spirit. We must forgive, but not forget. We should not live in fear and hate, because when we do, then these acts continue to fulfill their purpose. Whereas, when we remember compassion and how to trace the roots to common ground and concepts, then we remember there are two forces in this world: good and evil. Both of these forces are within all energy and all humans; what we feed is what grows. Therefore, the more we tend to our own spirits; keep doing the work in our own lives to plant the seeds of love, forgiveness, compassion, and peace, then the more these intentions and vibes prevail. When we do this, we weaken the powers of destruction and hate and we strengthen the powers of unconditional love and positive co-existence. Today, try to create some time to honor this concept. I ask you to pledge peace with forgiveness and compassion. It can be easy to give into the rage and fear, especially when it seems like justice or a means to a better tomorrow, but at what cost? When we feed hate with hate, then peace and love never grows. We have the power to plant the seeds of peace. Pay attention to all the little things and moments. Sometimes, those little moments that often go unrealized are the doors that open to healing and enlightenment.

The Harvest moon is a time when we are starting to gather what has grown or fallen. Squirrels are running around collecting acorns. Leaves are returning to the roots. We are canning or preserving our fruits and vegetables. We are preparing for the state closer to the veil of deeper energy and rest. We are often taught to fear transitions, because change can be difficult. Therefore, times like Friday the 13th or the Harvest moon are often associated with “eeiry” vibes or curses. When really, it is a time when energy is symbolic, stronger, or shifting. These vibes are potent. We are also often taught to fear vibes and feelings, therefore we become superstitious about such things and times, but like everything, it is all a matter of perspective. What we believe and the energy work we do and connect with, is what flows. Be your own kind of weird!


Pisces is all about the feels. The symbol is two fish that appear to be swimming in a circle. Therefore, Pisces energy can feel like a cyclone of vibes and emotions. This can be difficult to sort through, but Pisces are all about creativity. They are ruled by the Sacral Chakra; the energy center of creativity. Finding their own creative flow and having the freedom and space to nurture it is so important. However, because of all the vibes, they can be very indecisive. They can see a world of possibilities, but are often unsure which one to take or create, because they have #allthefeels. Sometimes, they believe in trial and error, but they typically like to organize, plan, and group their vibes, belongings, or possibilities until they find their rhythm. They like their alone time, but like the symbol of two fish, they like when they can find a like-minded person or a school of “fish” to flow with. This connection plugs them into understanding more about the vibes, but then they need alone time to process it all. Therefore, with this full moon try to create some time to connect and create. Explore the chart above for possible tools. Try to create time to sort through your vibes, possibilities, goals, and belongings. Organize them into groups. Find a flow of organizing and creating that works for you.

Today’s morning meditation: reflect on the vibes yesterday (#allthefeels). Reflect on the enlightening vibes and the vibes that were difficult. What were the strongest vibes? If you had a certain positive insight or urge that stands out, pursue it. Even if it is just setting an intention or taking a step in that direction. It may take time for it to come to fruition, but remember how all things flow. Sometimes it can seem like we are going around and around or that we lost something or lost parts of ourselves and goals, but if it really matters to us, then deep in the process of it, it is naturally a part of our life unfolding. If there are strong negative vibes that stand out, the problem / trigger areas of life, try to reflect on ways to prevent such vibes from manifesting so strongly. Sometimes we need a safe word, safe place (even if it is a place we create in our mind), or safe method for channeling our negative flow of energy into a place where it stands still for a moment. When it is still, we can acknowledge it, calm it, and create it into something better. If we allow it to continue to flow, the current will become stronger and stronger and harder to swim out of.

Eventually, we will post our go to kits and recipes, but for today, I want you to prep your “fuel stations”:

  1. Always have an easy access energy bucket in the house with clean, healthy snacks or survival ingredients for creating healthy quick meals or smoothies.

  2. Always have a travel bag packed of a few things that you can have with you at all times.

  3. Always have a “medicine cabinet”; easy ingredients and prepared remedies for common issues.

    Today, designate the space or storage bucket, cabinet, and bag for such. Brainstorm what you might want or need in each. Tune in later for our scoop!

What is this? These are workouts fused from different styles of energy exercises to help us connect with the flow of energy within us and all around us. Stay tuned for demos, podcasts, videos, and more.

What gives you light? What is something that you can completely depend on yourself for that makes you happy, gives you hope, and motivates you to push through the pain and struggle. Dig deep to find that ray of sunshine peeking through. It is okay if it takes time. Life can get difficult, cluttered, and so painful that we forget about those good things within us. Sometimes we forget the good things we have done, how far we have come, or the simple things that once made us happy. However, sometimes life has moved beyond those moments and it is time to create new happiness. Sometimes, we need to clean out the garden. Sometimes, we need to find a new part of ourselves that we didn’t realize was there. Sometimes, this requires us to get out of our comfort zone or to work hard to see things in a different light.

Flowers have a lot to teach us. Sometimes, we need to just be with them and connect with their vibes to learn these lessons. Every flower blooms differently, but every bloom was its own kind of magic. Every bloom provided energy to the Earth in some way.

Sometimes, life can be so abstract that everybody is looking at the same painting, but sees something totally different than the person standing right next to them. Always remember this; life is not always what it is seems. Sometimes, it is abstract, and most of the time, it always comes down to intentions and perspective. However, these two concepts do not always flow together. The intentions completely depend on someone’s nature of expressing such. The perspectives completely depend on someone’s own perceptions. These do not always flow clearly. It is often life in full flow, which can be a lot of energy to process. Sometimes, maybe what you view as random from someone else, is actually something that is of great value to someone and something that they put a lot of thought and energy into, whether it is a gift, their work, their words, or a memory. It is often part of their own journey and process, but when you only experience a moment of it, you only see the abstract version of it and not the intentional process of how it was created and presented. A story that is positive for you may actually be a painful memory or trigger to someone else. A gesture that seems simple to you may have actually taken a lot of courage from someone else. Remember, everyone is on their own path. Everyone just wants honest investment and validation. Mindfulness is not about handing out trophies so everyone feels included or being polite because you have to. Mindfulness is about taking an honest interest in learning more about something or someone. It is about learning why they value the things they do, how they perceive things the way they do, and why something bothers them. It is about putting aside your own insecurities, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, fears, guilt, beliefs, etc long enough to truly hear someone else and to do the work in understanding them. It is about getting out of your comfort zone to be the student rather than the teacher. Often, we all try to take the teacher role in life to understand what is abstract to us or especially when it is something or someone we think we know well, we try to secure a position of control and comfort. However, true partnership, whether it is co-existence in this life with a handful of others or the whole globe, it is about learning how to truly invest in mindfulness. The more we do this, the more we understand the abstract. Mindfulness allows us to be more okay with what we do not understand and more willing to keep doing the work.


All about the vibes!!! Today’s activity is to turn the radio up and dance to the beat of your own drum!!! Charge some crystals, have a little coffee if need be, take a little you time for 10 minutes or more to dance around - let your free-spirit fly!!!!


We are about to enter Libra Season and Fall where the Air is shifting into the crisp Autumn feels and Libras (Air Signs) are experiencing their Solar Return; back to the roots of timing where it all began yet awakening to how much they have changed and grown. The leaves are falling to return to root to further nurture us in the cycles and seasons ahead. Meditate with the air today. Think about how it flows and shifts. Think about how things fly away and return and fly away again.

Whatever Libras believe is right and fair, they genuinely believe in it with all their heart. However, as an Air sign, they also believe in open communication, philosophy, new experiences, and the natural rhythms of things. Get a little heads up on these vibes with the chart above.

See the yoga poses in the Libra Chart above and create your own flow / version of such. Do it often throughout the day to recharge your batteries.

Create a Libra Core Care kit to help you through the season by looking at the oils, stones, foods, and mantras in the chart above. Try to incorporate these into your daily flow!

Libras are all about the Heart Chakra !!! They believe in peace and justice! They are often charismatic diplomats in some way. They can be easy-going air signs, but if they feel something is wrong - watch out for fight or flee; their fast-moving air energy will do what it takes to create peace in a way that feels fair to them. They are very social and enjoy sharing in doses (like my cats above lol). They shared the toy for 30 minutes, then had a bit of a conversation and scramble about it, they parted ways for a few minutes, then came back together. During this Libra season, you may feel the same tension. Try to get to the roots of how you can share your flow in doses.

Today’s Wine & Root Lesson: sometimes we need something to take the edge off, but when this becomes a habit, our glass becomes more of a potion of liquid courage. The biggest problem with this is: the edge is off. Our edge is often there to keep our judgement in tact. Sometimes if we become too relaxed, then we overlook all those little details that make us more aware of our state and others state of being.

I bring this up, because Libra season is where we all may feel a little more social. Life can seem a little more charming or easy-going or at least there is the desire for it to be. However, there is also a lot of tension, because Libra is all about balance. Therefore, anything that seems out of balance or unfair will be triggering us to deal with it on the surface. If we use liquid courage to do this (like in any season), it can bring out the negative aspects of the tension (even if you do it or say it with a smile). No matter how much we can handle or think we are in control, the truth of the matter is: we loose connection to our deep roots and our core. Therefore, the only thing operating the flow is the fly by nature of what is currently making us feel good. Those vibes soon fade to leave us with the reality of it all. Therefore, it is important to know your edge: are you enjoying a sip of wine to deal with life or not deal with life? Sometimes wine can be a means of enjoying being alive and appreciating something that was crafted with effort and intention, but sometimes it can cause us to slip off the edge we didn’t realize we were standing on. Know your boundaries with yourself and others. This is probably a journey many of us have dealt with some time or another in life or it may be a re-occurring theme. If it is something that still has power over you, keep doing the work to get to the roots of why and allow it not to be an excuse, but something you celebrate as truth. Even if it is a difficult truth, it is truth. The unknown is often harder to deal with than the known. At least when we know the roots, we can keep working to figure out how they grow. There will always be 1,000 reasons why to do something and why not. Therefore, this goes back to the lesson above: it is about training the brain. The more we make ourselves believe we have the power within to handle something rather than depending on the power of another source, then the more we can live life on the edge without falling off. In reality, life is always on the edge, because we are a big ball of energy swirling around in this universe. The only thing holding us somewhat steady is gravity. We feel this natural tension every moment of every day. So today, in the season of Libra, an Air Sign, let’s celebrate gravity and balance!


Learn more about New Moons: Here and use the chart above to help you with Libra Vibes !!


Get to the roots of habits. Learn more about how to break the cycles of unhealthy habits. Check out the pics for thoughts and stay tuned for an upcoming lesson!