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New moons are a time to root through what is deep within. It is important to work towards releasing what is not serving your wellness. This is a time to allow the leaves to fall to return to the roots. Pull back into an introverted state. Self-care is especially important during this time.

Use the chart below as a guide for Leo Energy.

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Calm the Sea Within

We have touched on this in past lessons, but it is time to start getting into the depths of it!


Calm the Sea Within is ultimately about awakening to your inner-consciousness and its connection to all consciousness. We only have the power to soothe our soul, when we hold ourselves accountable for all life and the co-creators of the flow of it all. We must understand how everything is the flow of positive and negative energy, such energy often becomes easily programmed or lost in the veil of illusions. Calming the Sea Within requires learning how to uproot from programmed beliefs that are bringing harm to self and others, doing the work to go beyond the veil of illusions, and re-planting the seeds of peace and perception within your own soul/soil.

The world around us will always be chaotic; peace is but a concept, one that only exist when we do the work to create it. Death is not the only plane in which peace can exist. We are often taught that we will never rest in peace until we pass. However, with this thought I personally feel it disregards the purpose of life and the sacrifices made from those who came before us, whether they are from religious beliefs, cultural revolutions, world events, or family events. Many have lived, died, or risked it all in pursuit of creating a better world. We are the co-creators of this world and we were given life with purpose of free-will. A huge part of our humanity is the power of choice and free-will. This does not mean we all live in freedom and opportunity, but we have the power of perspective and we can plant seeds of peace in our world within and the world around us based on how we act and react. The hardest times to do this is when we are living in hardship or limited freedom, but when we dig deep to our inner-strength and power we can create the light in our soul. Life is difficult and it is difficult for peace to exist, because unfortunately humanity often pursues power rather than peace; power of status rather than the power of self. Learn more about the difference and what all this means in: Calm the Sea Within

Dreams hold pieces of insight into our subconscious perceptions. When trying to better understand and process parts of life, we often store it within as we try to root through each piece. Our dreams often open the doors to these topics even if in abstract forms. It is important to create time to write down and reflect on your dreams each day as soon as possible, because it can help to understand the vibes deep within or to realize reoccurring patterns and messages. It does not have to be elaborate. Even writing down key words of things to remember from your dream can be helpful. You may want to keep a notebook where you write down a brief summary of each dream, then weekly or monthly create time to look through the notes and reflect on them. Through such a process, you may start to notice reoccurring themes or patterns. Certain messages and vibes may start to stand out. Personally, when I root through the notes I like to transfer it into an art journal and add cut-outs, doodles, pictures, etc to help me further process the meanings, symbolism, and messages from the dreams. Honor the layers of your mind. Create time to connect with the soul. When we do not take time to connect with the soul, life remains out of balance and flow. This can include our dream-time being blocked or out of balance. Sometimes dreams can become nightmares or terrors haunting us or sometimes dreams can seem far from our reach and difficult to remember. Either case is typically due to suppressed emotions or deeply rooted fears and traumas difficult for us to face in the awakened state of consciousness. However, the more we can do so in doses, the more we can plant peace in our awakened and dream states.

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Today, reflect on how life often comes full circle in the cycles and patterns of life.

One of our favorite things to do is to make our own unique pizzas. We love making them as weird as possible from beet and salmon, to vege burger pizza, to buffalo blue cheese. Sometimes, we make our dough from scratch from a family recipe we love, but when we are short of time, we love using this:

Tonight’s activity is to create the weirdest pizzas you can dream up !!!!


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Cheers to you: Would not want to be anywhere else in this world, than right here with you! Whether we are nerding-out or in the trenches of getting through the stress in our lives, every moment with you is when life makes sense! I am so glad you were born and I am so grateful for who you are!

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3 desserts / baked goods that also may be Breakfast

When dessert is nutritious, why not start the day with it!!




-2 cups of flour of choice (suggested: unbleached king arthur flour or coconut or almond flour)

-1 cup of pure cocoa powder

-1/4 cup of ground flax

Optional protein boost: 2 tablespoons of chia seeds (If you already eat or drink a lot of protein, then this option may not be the best choice.)

-2 tablespoons of baking soda

-1 cup of sugar of choice

-sprinkle of salt


-1 cup of milk of choice (regular, coconut, or almond)

-splash of vanilla (pure flavoring)

-1/2 can of sliced beets / pour juice from can in as well

-2 eggs or use an egg replacer (pictured below)


-Pre-heat oven on 375

-mix all dry in a bowl

-mix all wet in a bowl

-gradually pour wet into dry while mixing, if it seems too thick, gradually add in a little water until smooth enough to pour into greased baking pan

-cook 15 minish

Serving suggestion: great with raspberries !!!!

Shop egg replacer & other ingredients at Thrive, learn about Thrive: here





1 large zucchini - shred with a cheese grater - pat dry with towel

2 eggs or egg replacer

1 cup choice of milk

splash of vanilla


2 cups of choice of flour

1/2 cup of sugar

dashes of salt

4 tablespoons of cinnamon

dash of nutmeg and ginger

2 handfuls of chocolate chips

1/4 cup of ground flax

3 tablespoons of baking soda

-Preheat Oven 350

-Mix Dry, Add wet & Mix

-Pour into a greased bread pan and bake 20-40 mins



-1 cup of whole grain flour or flour of choice

-1 cup of ground flax

-1/4 cup of sugar

-dashes of salt

-2 tablespoons of baking soda

-1/2 cup of cocoa powder


- 2 eggs or egg replacer

-1/2 cup of coffee

-1 cup of choice of milk

-splash of vanilla

Optional: if you like a little kick: add a dash of cayenne powder and cinnamon

-Preheat oven 375

-mix dry then wet , if mix not smooth enough to pour, gradually add a little water until so

-bake in a greased or lined muffin tray for 15-20 mins

-cool & optional: serve with almond butter on top

Dancing in the moonlight can be emotionally healing and freeing. Whether you are alone, with your family, or with friends, dance under the moon some nights and feel the flow of energy in the air.

Eventually, we will do activities to create vision boards, but for today, I want to discuss why they are important. “Purpose fuels passion”. When we do not know what we need or want for our life, it can be a terrifying feeling. Sometimes it is because fear or lack of resources has held us back or sometimes it is because life kept getting in the way and changing course. Other-times maybe the things we were once passionate about caused us negative stress and our purpose got lost in the chaos. All of these are very real feelings and circumstances that can cause great distress, but if your goals, hopes, and dreams still pop-up in your head often, then they are still meaningful to you. Somewhere below all of the pain, dust, fog, and ashes there are still sparks of positive purpose and passion. When we learn to detox the clutter of our minds and worlds within, then our truest visions become clear. We may have no idea how, when, or where to pursue it, but these steps will come in time. First, we have to dig to the roots of our passions and visions. We must figure out what those are. We must keep writing them and creating dream boards until we learn to believe in why it is important to us. It may take months are years before you can see and feel how important your passions are to you. With patience, perseverance, and hard-work they are possible. However, know it may manifest in ways you never expect or planned. A vision board is about learning to release plans and expectations, but to focus on the intention and main root of each thing that is important to you. Once those focused features are in place, then we must be the investigators and co-creators of our path. Clues will flow into your life, but if you are distracted or clinging to expectations and plans, then they may fly right past you. Sometimes the reason why we do not get what we need is because we were looking in the wrong direction. It is important to learn to be fully present and trust the process, which is our main flow at Rootin’ for your Life!

What are 5 of your favorite grocery items? Items that are always on the list; your survival staples!!!

Life is in motion! Full moons are about max energy of manifesting. If we are not consciously present and are just going through the motions, then it can result in a lot of stored, restless energy. If we are too still, dwelling on our thoughts and worries; not moving our minds, bodies, and souls with the vibes of working to manifest what is true to our purpose, then this too results in a lot of restless or chaotic energy. Sometimes, we just need to move! Stand, walk, wheel around, stretch, etc. It does not have to be a fancy exercsise flow to get the energy moving in the body. To work on specific techniques and goals exercise flows and the mindfulness of them are important, but sometimes, we simply need to stop what we are doing to take a few minutes to stretch or hands to the sky, to move our neck around in slow - tension releasing circles, move your arms like you are swimming, twist side to side, etc. Explore the present moment and space with the movement of your body, be fully present, release any thoughts or worries, and simply be in the movements. Breathe!!!!! Feel your blood flowing!!! Close your eyes and listen to your breath!!! Be in this moment!!! Try to create a mantra / positive phrase with each movement!


We have always been old souls when it comes to the deep stuff, but we have always done our best to stay true to our inner-child; letting go of stress in certain moments to be fully present. Children thrive when we teach them to use their words, use their imagination, explore what makes them happy, express themselves, etc. However, they look to adults for this guidance, but the older we get - the harder it is to pull our minds out of the weight and stress of responsibilities, which can drain the flow of joy. Being true to the spirit of the inner-child is creating the moments for joy, imagination, self-expression, creative and constructive communication; the art of being human. One of our favorite things to do is to play with dinosaurs and style them in different scenarios; from pretending their eating in the garden, to dinner parties, to building forts. It may seem silly to be a grown-up hanging upside down or climbing trees, but these are the things that make life a little lighter and keep a root and relatable connection.

Time to get weird!!!!!! At the Full Moon, we naturally feel more energized and extroverted, because energy is being pulled forward and is in full flow, which can make us feel chaotic or empowered depending on our mindset and awareness with these alignments. Learn about the Full Moon: here and use the chart below or on the astrology page: here to better understand the energy in the air.

Aquarius folks are known for the unique intelligence and weird charisma, expect some interesting thoughts, weird realizations, or major vibes of enlightenment to cross your path this full moon!


Intro to something new: this is a feature we came up with for our nutrition content, because positive nutrition is about creativity and good eatin’ !!!! From these thoughts crEATe™ came to life! Stay tuned for what this is all about! Meanwhile, brainstorm how cooking can be fun - play with your food!


If you have not done your Life Map yet, be sure to check out our Inner Power pages: Start Here

The insights to guide us through life are all around; it is a matter of awareness and perception. Have you ever wondered why you were born on the day and time that you were? The general response is “There is a plan for your life”. However, then we often wonder, but what is that plan. Faith (whatever your definition of faith is) is important for believing in your life flow and purpose, but when we awaken to the connection to nature, we are able to further realize and explore how signs of who we are and what the purpose of our Earth Walk is. There are always still many unknown answers, but there are numbers, land-marks, stars, elements, and milestones that are a map and code to our unique journey.

As my Dad says: “Life is a gift! We must unwrap it one day at a time!” Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Love you more than words! Rootin’ for your Life has been in the works since I came to be on this Earth, but the focus, drive, and intentions came to be in 6th grade when I nearly lost my Dad. This event and so many other major seeds of my life and soul planted the energy I could not shake to pursue this path; dedication to wellness and mindful living. Any time I would start to stray from this focus, I could feel my soul screaming at me to get back to the drawing board. Rootin’ for your life was the call of my Empath connections to be a light, a voice, a safe space for all the elements of nature, animals, and people that I could. Much like the vision board lesson above, it has been years and years of trying to release plans and expectations to stay true to the visions and needs of the path of all the seeds and energy connections that manifested Rootin’ for your Life.

When creating something on your own, it is uncharted territory and a day after day process of learning to trust the process and believe in this purpose and place in the world. Many factors of our life path may be a blue-print, but how we use those features are how we co-create our lives. The key to trusting the process (like in the vision board lesson) is learning to create peace within. We must learn to Calm the Sea within. Our peace in life can only come from within and how we accept what is beyond each moment and life as a whole must come from within. When we dig deep below our pain, fog, and worries, our energy is being called to either release, connect, or create. When you are at peace with the flow of all things, you will know which action or reaction to choose.

I have rewritten the second part to this note, because last night, my family gathered to say goodbye to my Aunt, my Dad’s sister. They were close in many ways; age, vibes, appearance, and just one house apart (with their older sister’s house in the middle). She has been very ill for quite some time. For the last few years there have been a lot of tough moments of not knowing whether she was going to pull through or how the tides would turn. Her immediate family and my other Aunt (the eldest sister) and family were often by her side to help her through. We were not always able to be involved as much as we would have liked due to living away and then going through the many transitions of moving, care-taking of other family members, and trying to re-build our life from the ground up after deciding it was time to leave it all behind and return home. It was always heavy on our hearts, and we were always connected through spirit. It was also always heavy on may parents hearts, but they are already had much to juggle between work and trying to care for my grandparents, etc. However, they still did what they could when they could and every connection is forever a Seed in the Soul. I would like to share some of those special connections in her memory in the post below.


Originally, I had a different Through the Fog there is Beauty lesson planned, but since this is the day I lost a beloved Aunt, I decided to re-write the lesson to share the story of her final moments and purpose from my perspective.

Life is short. Life is pain. Yet, Life is purpose. Life is Beautiful. Life in this world and beyond is the flow of light and darkness; the ebb and flow of energy. There are days when the fog is frightening. There are days when the fog is enlightening. There are days when we see one light through the fog - coming at us or guiding us through it. There are days when we only see the shadows in the mist. There are days when we say the water moving below the fog or the mountains rising. There are days when the fog completely lifts and clarity and beauty is all around. There are days when the fog lifts and we are unfamiliar with where we are or how we got here. Life is a journey through all the elements and a connection to all things. When we do the work to feel all these roots and rhythms we become linked to the flow of it all. For more on the Through the Fog there is Beauty concept, explore: here For special moments with my Aunt…keep reading:

My Aunt was one of a kind in so many ways. She did not hold back on her vibes. Anything she was thinking or feeling, good or bad, you would know. However, always with good intentions. At times, it may have been a little to strong or difficult to cope with, but you knew it came from a place of deep-rooted passion and fight for life. She also cared deeply for all the ones she loved. You could feel the power of her love through how much interest she showed, the thoughtful things she did to show you such, and her voice could change the tides in the ocean.

First Memory

One of my earliest memories of her is: she gave me my first cat. If you read Seeds of my Soul , Pieces of our Heart and Pieces of Me, you know how much I love cats! This cat had a wild spirit, much like myself at the time.

I was in Kindergarten, and had recently gone through quite a bit in my young life. My energy had also just learned of crossing Beyond the Veil. When I was 4, I lost my aunt/god-mother (mom’s sister) to a two year long battle with brain cancer. I experienced energy connections with her and many spirit visions, at the time, this was a normal part of life for me. However, after the direct connection was lost, and the energy connections faded back into the fog Beyond the Veil, my brain struggled to process it. This connection had opened the gateway and unearthed the Empath visions to all that is in the “spirit realm” (at least in the way I perceive it). Much of which planted the seeds to this Spirit Quest I have been on since.

This beautiful kitty was a reflection of my energy and just wanted to run wild. I did not know much about cats yet and was not fully in touch with my animal spirits, but I did have a natural connection and empathy. Someone special in my life at that time, showed me how to calm my energy around the cat and gently pet them with mindful intentions by reading their body language. I am so grateful she gave me my first cat, because it opened the door to my Animal Spirit and was/is such an important part of my life. My connection with cats has helped through every moment of my life.

When life gets heavy, restoring routine is essential, but this should be a mindful process. Sometimes, when we return to routine too quickly, we return to auto-pilot which suppresses emotions and enlightenment. Whether we return too quickly or have a difficult time returning to a routine at all - it can leave us with waves of anxiety (whether we are consciously aware of such or not). Sometimes, breathing truly is an accomplishment. Sometimes, the will to rise and do the “little things” ARE the big things! You must acknowledge your vibes and feels and allow yourself to be in the process and to process what that is. Our awareness, definitions, perceptions, priorities, needs, and experiences are always shifting. When we stay too rooted to beliefs, expectations, systematic pressure, etc. we can end up on a hamster wheel rather than a journey of the human-experience. So the activity today, is to plan your week - restore your routine with one small thing each day - that is actually a big thing. For example, cutting out a drink (may sound like one small task), but if this is something that has power over your cravings, needs, habits, and routine, then it is a BIG thing!!! However, change starts with one thought, one movement, and those ones add up! Therefore, think of one little thing for each day to start restoring your flow to a healthier rhythm. If it is a task that needs consistent attention, then write that one/same item for each day and make it a goal to ensure that one task is achieved. Maybe, it is to wake up and go to the mirror to greet yourself in the a.m. with a positive thought or to start doing a 5 minute warm-up flow before starting your day, etc.


Use the chart above to learn a little about the Sacral Chakra. Chakra healing requires a lot of energy and dedication. We will continue this series through posts and workshops!

Intro to Train the Brain: Eliminating bad habits is often a matter of re-training the brain. The hardest part about eliminating habits that bring us relief, ease, comfort, or even happiness in some way (even if they are bad for us) is the feeling of being lost or empty without it. We all form addictions, whether to food, exercise, people, substances, etc. Whatever we form a connection or dependency upon to feel secure or to cope then those things have power over us; we are no longer in control of our brain; our programmed roots and rhythms are misleading or convincing us of how and why something must be; why we need it. These roots and rhythms can be broken, but it will require a great deal of work of learning what roots and rhythms are truly good for our flow. When we eliminate the toxicity from our flow, it can leave us with withdrawal or a feeling of insecurity, loss, panic, and emptiness. Therefore, when we eliminate something negative, it is important to replace it with something positive. When we uproot - we need to replant! Stay tuned for more upcoming lessons!

Virgo is of the Earth Element and typically a Type A organizer and planner. As we approach Virgo Season, use this energy to start organizing the things in your life. Refocus on your goals and priorities. This energy can help you create practical steps towards those things. However, remember the ebb and flow; our moods and vibes are always shifting. Therefore, there will be times when you feel naturally aligned with this energy and times when you feel all out of alignment. Be gentle with yourself; have patience, when life is chaotic - do the work to create your peace, etc. Get down into the Earth - down into the deep roots and rhythms of your life path and flow!

Welcome to Virgo Season!!!! To learn more about Virgo wellness and insights use the chart below and check out the astrology page: here

Picture_20190830_164134715 (1).jpg

See the Virgo crystals above and check-out info on #crystalsandcoffee: here

Today, go for a morning walk and reflect on Virgo energy. What do you notice on your walk? If you are unable to go out for a walk, find earthy elements: leaves, rocks, or etc. to connect with in a meditative space. Sit with those elements and study them while you reflect on the thoughts of Virgo and Earthy energy. What does that mean to you? How do you plan to use the energy of this season?


We talk about it a lot, but here we go again…. the best way to take on a new routine of healthy habits is to:

(In regards to food habits:)

-Eliminate the toxicity!! (If you know it is something bad for you or that you depend on it too much, do not have it in the house.)

-Create your survival plan: survival grocery list (your essential staple items), meal prep your food for the week, and create a goal calendar for your fridge (because we all love checking off when we do something good or tackle our objectives).

Like we discussed in Train the Brain above, our brain is a system. Sometimes, we need to clean that system out and re-organize it. Some things are deeply rooted and coded into who we are, but learned environmental habits can be transformed. It is all about being true to your soul wellness. When we cultivate that - the rhythms of the mind and body will fall into flow. It is a journey of self-discovery and development. One that changes a little each day!


Virgos are ruled by the Throat Chakra, so hydration and breathing exercises are super important. Soothing, earthy tea can be a good way to start and end the day. Soothing, earthy soups are also a good way to enrich the Virgo Energy. Following the exercises on the Virgo chart above can be good to incorporate into the day. Try a few of these things throughout the day. Remember, hours of power are about breaking up the routine of the day. It can be easy to get into auto-pilot mode, therefore it is important to have conscious movement breaks to re-hydrate, move and flow if you have been sitting often, etc. Hours of power are doses of wellness throughout the day. Choosing a healthy snack, hydration, stretching, meditation break, etc are all ways to recharge the batteries and empower your #dailyroots and flow!!!

Reflect on things that feel out of balance in your life right now. Life can constantly throw our lives out of balance; life is motion - always shifting and moving. How we act within that and react to that is ultimately what makes the difference. Therefore, when you reflect on what is out of balance approach it from the thoughts of what are your roots and rhythms that are contributing to the feeling of being out of alignment. If your body hurts or is having a physical problem - yes, it may be due to an illness, but what are your roots and rhythms that are contributing to the symptoms? Are you moving enough? Are you eating enough of the right things? etc. We may not be able to cure something with our choices, but our choices do make a difference. When we are fighting major battles, sometimes we get discouraged and we make the choices of what brings us the most instant comfort rather than the long-term success. Making healthy choices are often inconvenient and difficult, because of the whole Train the Brain thing we talked about above, the pressures of life, and etc. However, the more you make the choices that are best for your wellness, the more they will take root, and the more they will naturally empower your roots and rhythms.

Virgo and Harvest season is about “coming home”; celebrating and collecting what you have cultivated. Our “homes” are where we feel most connected to our Earth purpose. Maybe we feel at home when we look at the stars or water. Maybe we feel at home when we are surrounded by a forest. Maybe we feel at home when we are surrounded by our loved ones. Maybe we feel at home when we are dancing. Maybe we feel at home in our gardens. Our homes are the different circles of our existence and social wellness; awareness/definitions of self (what we feel and do with our mind/body/soul), hobbies, work, family, friends, etc. However, also know, it is okay not to feel at home. Sometimes, because of the chaos of life, we can become uprooted and disconnected from who we are, our understanding of self, safe places to call home, and etc. This does not make you less than. Life is a journey. Some seasons the garden is plentiful and other seasons it barely produces. Sometimes, unfortunately, it does not matter how much time, energy, or effort you put into it, because we cannot control the weather and the flow of all life. However, we can co-create and control how we act and react to every development of our life. Sometimes, believing there is a better tomorrow somewhere in your journey, is enough to keep doing the work towards it. However, no matter how chaotic the weather is around us, we must first create a safe home within our hearts, minds, and souls. When we do the work to keep creating those spaces as peaceful, safe spaces, then we are planting seeds for better seasons, even if they do not bloom for years to come. You are part of this Earth. Every choice has the potential to make a difference and is a message of energy, whether only heard by you, those around you, animals, trees, etc. Your presence is known.

During the phase of the New Moon, we are naturally more introverted and in need of rest to deal with deeper, heavier vibes. Learn about the New Moon: here and use the chart below or on the astrology page: here to better understand the energy in the air.


What are your favorite moments from this Summer?