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February Lessons | Root & Flow Free & Open Wellness Journal & Sessions | Chapter 2

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Root & Flow Daily Sessions



Rootin’ has been in my journals for most of my life, but I “launched” it in 2015 with a blog post and a seed of an idea. I made the commitment by making it a registered business, but then the bottom fell out. All in the nature of fully opening up to the universe and allowing transformation to return to the roots of the true purpose while elevating into the higher self; the self that had learned from so many experiences and working hard to release old pains and patterns while going through present traumas. Therefore, to be fully present in the thick of all that, it was necessary to unplug. Here we are….. 4 years later…. relaunching…. and we are ready to take all those broken pieces from our life and turn them into a heck of a mosaic. Explore more about what Rootin’ is and how it all began many moons ago and much of it in the synchronicity of February alignments:


One of the methods Devin and I always use in our life and reference in our lessons is: Calm the Sea Within. Life will always be a sea of chaos. There are moments when it is naturally calm, but there are always currents, tides, and waves. We must allow ourselves to feel these rhythms and to learn how to Calm the Sea Within. Stay tuned to upcoming lessons for tips and insights. Calming the Sea Within requires a lot of patience and perseverance. There are a lot of things in this world that try to shake our core, challenge our peace, or trigger our bad vibes. It can be so difficult to stay calm in such times. The main tip for today is: staying calm is not about suppressing emotions. When we store away our emotions rather than allow them to flow, that energy has to go somewhere. Therefore, it lives in our sub-conscious and nervous system, disrupting our wellness in every way. Learning to remain calm is about learning how to allow emotions to flow and how to express emotions in constructive ways. It is very important to create time to deal with any difficult emotions. Otherwise, they become the clutter and chaos of our lives. However, it is also important to know being too in control of emotions and life can be just as dangerous, because control is often an illusion; when we program ourselves to tightly with certain expectations, beliefs, and protocols, then we restrict the freedom for emotions and expression. Even though everything may appear to be calm, clean, and in control, there is still much anxiety below the surface if the true roots and rhythms of issues are not being dealt with. Those who are spiraling in chaos are actually often more aware of their root issues, many emotions, and needs; the chaos occurs after releasing the chains of control. This is the stage and process in which the freedom to discover and healthy development can occur, but it is a matter of surviving the depths of emotions and strong shifts of currents and tides. When we are too in control, then most likely it is because we have mastered suppressing our issues and have developed robotic methods of surviving them. There is a big difference between control and composure. Composure is allowing the emotions, memories, and issues to surface with the ability to navigate such difficult waves without being triggered into a state of anxiety, sorrow, anger, frustration, etc. It is the practice of being mindful of how your emotions have the power to harm others (even if unintentionally). Prioritizing practices of empathy is the root of all life and co-existence. When we do not make this a part of our daily education, we become more and more unaware of how our thoughts, words, and actions harm others; even those we love. When this is a mindful priority in everything you do, no matter how chaotic life gets, you will know how to soothe your soul and how to create peace within.

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Learn more here:

Read the whole guide or find the Calm the Sea Section.


I use to be a big football nut. In Elementary school, I was typically always the only girl running around with a bunch of boys playing sports and running wild. I still have an appreciation for those primal roots of sport, but consciously there is much I no longer vibe with in that realm. However, when I need to conquer challenging elements, tasks, athleticism, or pain, I conjure up some of those tactics that use to help my confidence and primal abilities. Getting outside and throwing or kicking a ball around may not be your thing, but it can do wonders for your wellness. Whether it is with a group of friends or family, try to create a little time to goof around with outdoor activities. The challenge for this #dailyroots is to invent your own creative game from a fusion of sports and games or make up something from the wheels of your authentic mind.


New Moon Activity: Paint your own candle and use it in your new moon rituals, which you can find some suggestions in the Jan. lessons and in upcoming months. This new moon is in Aquarius while the sun is also in Aquarius while we have steadily been shifting into the new Era; the Age of Aquarius , so let those wild Aquarius vibes free from your soul:


Pt. II of Feb. 4 Lesson 35

While we are still introducing Food Ruts and Roots, the main concept to keep trying to plant is to know nearly anything that is not natural / from the Earth has negative consequences. When things are processed to be put in cans, boxes, preserved packaging, etc. = typically has things not natural to the body = body has hard time processing it.


This is a main feature of Rootin’, check it out:

Feb 6, Core Care: Release Time

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The more we keep putting off the things we want to do, the higher and harder the mountain becomes, but the journey of climbing that mountain starts with one step. You cannot conquer your bucket list or dreams in one day, but you can start with 1 thing. That thing may seem so small, but all the small things add up to equal great things.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Activity suggestion: keep a clipboard, journal, or notes on your phone of 1 thing that you choose to do each day to start reclaiming the power and wellness of your life flow. It can be as small as trading out a food choice for something healthier, taking a walk at lunch, etc. Set your intention each morning of something you are going to try to do. As a visual and kinesthetic person, I like to have my notes where I can physically touch, edit, and/or archive them. If you choose this route, each morning write on an index card or in a journal your intention. At the end of the day, if you achieved your goal, acknowledge it with a check or a sticker. If you did not, be gentle with yourself, life is a work in progress. Carry that goal over into the next day and keep working at it until you get it in flow. If you conquer or add something else in a day to your wellness plan that is positive and unexpected, then note that in your records. Review your cards or notes at the end of each week and month to see how all the little things are adding up. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to quantify progress by grades, weight loss numbers, pay, or a number that will some how tell us how we “measure up”, but too often all the little things get lost. We must remember, life is about the journey.

For custom clipboards follow @therootandflowshop on Instagram


When our chakras are blocked, we can feel heavy like a weighted down sponge. The world may seem darker. We may feel like we have holes or like nothing is flowing or connecting. We may feel so fatigued or stiff; painful to move. A blocked heart chakra has a lot to do with protecting our heart due to past events that shaped our perceptions. This activity is just a visualization activity: if you could instantly remove all the past pain or hardship from your heart, how do you picture yourself? If your heart chakra was completely open and beaming with light from all the work you had done to heal all the wounds, what would your life-flow look like? In this moment, picture any past painful memory or sensation that stands out like a little dusty dot in your body. A dot that you can easily take a dust cloth with the fresh scent of herbs and lemon to clean into a glowing new beam of light. Picture yourself dusting that dot clean. Picture it glowing and leaving your body-mind. Once you have done this with each thought. Imagine your body-mind completely light as a feather and just glowing with a squeaky clean light and lemon scent. Our problems are not this easy to clean-up, but meditation and visualization is about the power of mind. Sometimes when we over-think or neglect we make the mountains of our problems even bigger, but when we train our mind to look at each problem like a little dusty dot - it’s not so overwhelming & the work to restore ourselves with light seems possible. Just like real dust, those dust-bunnies will keep popping up, but don’t panic - get your dust cloth and essential oils out & go to work! Do this in your mind or do this visualization while dusting around the house or take a walk in the fresh outdoors!

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Feb 8, Wine & Root : Appetizers & Oils

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Coconut oil is a must in my life. These bars can be used as ingredient boosters in recipes or face & body bars. What makes the difference is your choice of oils and herbs.

You can make these in bulk by adding coconut oil to your oils and herbs in mold trays and then storing them in the fridge or freezer.

For cooking recipes you can add rosemary, thyme, lemon juice, etc. to your coconut oil mix. For face and body it depends on your intentions, if you want something for pain: peppermint and eucalyptus, calming =lavender and chamomile, etc. We will go over specific recipes in upcoming sessions.

These are affordable to make and long-lasting. Most importantly, the enhance your meal prep and self-care routines!!!!!

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Finding or creating your zen space is so important to the Root & Flow of it all. Zen is the power of perception. We can create zen jars, or find zen in a coffee shop, or outside on the bench next to our loved one, or cuddling with our furry friends. Zen is an abstract design that we bring to reality in our state of mind - through the power of our perception and ability to Calm our Sea Within. We each find peace and serenity in different things, and what a wonderful thing - to have so many ways to discover and create Zen!!!!

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I love this quote, and as much as I believe in it, I also know how hard it can be to hold on to happiness. We can easily become so clouded by fog and weighed down by all the things in life - it happens!!! However, we must remember: “Through the Fog - there is Beauty”. It may be something we have to re-discover or it may be a path we have to keep walking whether in reality or in our mind, but when you feel the blues, confusion, fatigue, or anxiety creeping in - picture it like actual fog. This term is often used as a state of mind, but sometimes it can seem so abstract. When we create our own narrative for these difficult experiences, sometimes it can weaken the blow and help us reclaim our power through it. Therefore, when you feel it coming on…picture actual fog coming in. Fog itself can be beautiful, but it can also be scary and confusing. However, think of how beautiful fog is when it moves through the mountains; it seems so simple, light, and refreshing as it glides through those forces of nature. When the fog was there - it was not something you were meant to see or discover yet, but when the moment finally came to be and the fog faded to reveal the view - the clarity of such was breath-taking. Finding our way through the mind fog requires patience. (You know, patience, that thing that is extremely difficult in human nature and truly is the art of practice, practice, practice.) So to practice a little patience… get creative. Watercolors are a great way to unwind the mind. If you do not have watercolors, you can swirl around some fruit juice or even beet juice from a can or smash some blueberries. There are no activity instructions other than explore - have fun!

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Whether it is one thing or 10 things you want to improve on in your meal plans, you can use this sheet to reflect on your food habits. Keep it simple and think of this as a mini vision/motivation board. You can write sentences, words, mantras, or paste pictures to it. You may want to keep this on your fridge or somewhere as a motivational tool.

Feb. 12 , Love Yo Self Hours of Power Activity


This is a wellness sheet I created many moons ago when I began battling my health, I kept an entire binder of daily records to go over with my health professionals when we were trying to get to the root of what the heck was wrong with me (you can explore those stories in Seeds of Our Soul as they are posted) (this was before all the “smart stuff” - the tech makes it much more efficient, but sometimes taking time to write it down - helps soothe the soul. ) Everything you do and feel in a day’s time -matters. Stay on top of your wellness, Be your Own Advocate, by keeping a daily journal of how you flow. Even if it is not to share with a health professional, by keeping a daily journal and reviewing it often, you may notice patterns or insights.

My family and I still use this sheet to help us keep up with all our stuff. On this special day, I would like to shout-out to my Dad, on his wellness journey of surviving a heart attack 19 years ago and now battling Parkinson’s disease. I am grateful to still have him here Rootin’. Learn more about his part in Rootin’ & our Feb Full Circle: on the Seeds of our Soul Blog: here

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Most everything you need to create your own wellness boosters and cleaning products are probably already in your cabinets. It may seem too time consuming or complex, but most of these creations take typically only 5-15mins while saving you $. Creating your own things for your wellness and house-hold can be empowering and is a core concept to good health and good vibes. We will be sharing recipes often!!

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This Valentine’s I would like to honor the power of unconditional love. Feel free to print the above illustration for some zen coloring time. Share your pics with #dailyroots @rootinforyourlife


A Beautiful moment captured by Devin. Shop our Nature Photography at our Society 6.


Painting has always been my go to activity for soothing the soul. Creativity is healing and empowering when we allow ourselves the freedom to do so. Many of us, and little parts of all of us, fear we “can’t” or that it’s “not good enough” or needs to be “right”, but when we remind ourselves it’s about the experience of it and allow ourselves to enjoy it… it’s life changing. This Wine & Root night have your own wine and paint night right in your own home!


Learn about #crystalsandcoffee on the Crystals & Coffee page: here


Why Bee Conscious? So you may see a lot about save the bees, why? Bees are the little powerhouses to the whole circle of life!!!! Pollination is vital for life flow! I am always talking to & doodling bees. I am glad I am not the only nature nut! If you are a nature nut too, check out the awesome sweatshirt in this pic by wholesome culture: Love her work & vibes!!!!


In our meal prep sessions we will be offering lists and recipes to this concept, but the main take away right now = EAT LIGHT at NIGHT !!! Your body needs time to digest and also you do not need as much energy at this time, because you are gearing down into rest mode. We will discuss the specifics of it all later, but start plugging that mantra into your mind. The first step to anything = mindset.


There is always much debate on the powers of manifesting, but like the root of it is what we talk about again and again: the power of mindset. Manifesting is not necessarily about “wishes being granted”: it is about believing you can and using that belief as the fuel every day to power your way to your truth. Others may not be able to see it or understand it, because it is yours - your vision - your perception - your mindset and it is a moment by moment process of creating that perception. Sometimes when we are repeatedly told what we should think and do, we can tune out our own inner-voice. This can be a deep-rooted pattern that makes it harder and harder to tune into our inner-voice when we are trying to have a conversation with ourselves about what we really believe, want, and need. Answering those questions are a journey, a journey only you can walk. The same is true for the vise versa. Sometimes when we are too rooted to our perceptions, inner-voice, beliefs, etc, it can make it harder to understand why others see what they see, act as they do, believe what they do, etc. Truth is in your perceptions. If we tune out ourselves and/or if we tune out others, then we may be missing opportunities to connect more dots of life. Manifesting is about doing the work to connect the dots.


In roots and rhythms we will be discussing energy through a variety of methods and activities. Rhythm flows from our gut; our core of movement: our gut instincts and our core muscles. Keep this in mind for upcoming sessions.


Life is veggie good with Thrive! A Thrive membership not only saves you money, but helps low-income families get access to healthy food. Shopping in a store is great, but sometimes when you have your go - to items, special diet needs, and just want to jump right into your meal planning, ordering online and having it arrive at your doorstep makes the eating well experience even more enjoyable, especially when you are helping others in the process. Learn more and use our code to save: here !


Wine & Root Wanderlust Vibes: Sometimes we get wanderlust vibes, whether we are ready for another season or in the mood for traveling or exploring - you can shake off those cabin fever blues right in your own home by having theme nights. Example: If you are tired of winter and ready for summer, then have an indoor “pool party” theme by cooking summer-fun, tropical foods, create cool mock-tails, sit in floats, and deco the place up a little bit. Can’t get away for a vacay - have a stay-cay; have an adventure right at home.


Tarot readings can help us search our feelings and be a means for discovering messages of our inner-spirit. Not everything is always as it seems. Some of the cards can seem intimidating or negative, but everything is always about the power of perception and what we take away from it. Life is about lessons. The cards can simply be a guide to our thoughts and how seeing or hearing certain things makes us feel. Working through your reactions to the cards is where the lesson discovery and development takes place. Learn more: here (she has some great information.)


As humans, when we feel / are lost, we are always looking for signs to guide us. Signs can be anything and everything. We create maps to guide us, but nature itself is a map and is full of little signs and guides everywhere we turn. Animals, dreams, tuning into certain elements of nature (noticing the shape of a cloud), etc are all signs. We use the world all around us to try to help us better understand the world within us.

Life itself is a gift, being on Earth, breathing, and living.  When you are given a complex gift, often, it has to be put together and cared for. Who knows how long it will last! Oh, and batteries are not always included. Finding the power sources to fit your needs can be a challenging journey. We can read the directions and follow the guides; this does not guarantee it is going to work. We each have an authentic experience of the world within to the world all around. It is a mutual, sensitive relationship. We are life in motion. By the time we think we are in the right flow, life has already moved on to the next moment. Each moment is a new moment to reawaken, realign, restore balance. It is only temporary; life keeps moving. Each moment requires work and consciousness to find your tune and flow in the roots and rhythms. You are the co-creator of this journey and your life. Stay rooted to what matters most. Sometimes, this requires us to be willing to uproot, and allow life to flow to explore where we are meant to go. Sometimes we must discover where we are being called. This may be for the purpose of testing the strength of our roots and/or it may be so we can replant the roots with conditions in ways that welcome / advocate for better care. When we look at the process of Rootin’ like a journey, we understand and embrace it takes time to create or find the right flow. We value each moment as a moment where life is fully flowing. We must be fully present to be able to shift with the cycle of the seasons: the rise and fall, the ebb and flow, the cycles of how we grow. Nature is our classroom! We may each have higher beliefs of how we got here, whether spiritual or scientific, but the common ground is: we are here and nature is within us and all around us to connect with. As humans, we are the co-creators and protectors of one another and all of this beautiful Earth. We divide ourselves when we focus on who believes what and why; this is a personal journey we each go on. However, when we are able to just be present and honor and give gratitude to nature, then we can come together in all our different ways and say: “we are here, we love this plant, we love this bird, we love one another, etc”.

Speaking of creatives and a great love for life & nature, check out these beautiful bracelets from at @ArtfullyAudrey on Instagram. They fit in perfectly with Pisces season and my thoughts on fish, streams, and dreams. (Actually, I believe she is a Pisces, so even more fitting this Pisces season)


You may be seeing food puns everywhere now. This movement has taken off because we love and need mantras and cues to help us through the day. Thought for the day: don’t be afraid to get into the puns. Mantras can help you plan meals. Activity suggestion: create fun recipe ideas with food puns. Share the fun @rootinforyourlife #mantrasandmeals #dailyroots

Also, want a custom food pun hand-painted on something, request items @therootandflowshop .


One of our favorite ways to do Hours of Power is with dice!!!! You can use regular size game dice, but how fun are these jumbo ones!!!! I happen to have a dry-erase dice where I can write the exercises, but you can easily make one by repurposing a cube/box and writing exercises on index cards to tape to each side. This is an activity you can do on your own or challenge family members or co-workers. Every few hours throughout the day - take movement breaks. Get the dice out and roll for the exercise you &/or the group will do and then roll the dice for the number of reps for each exercise. Example: In the pic of above, the exercise = squats. As an individual I add up the number of reps on the dice, which = 8, so do 8 squats! If you are playing as a group, you can add up the dice or you can do challenges where each person rolls a dice for their own number of reps. This is a simple way to get the body moving and boost the energy!!! This can even be done in a classroom setting to start class time on a fun, positive note while getting the oxygen and blood flowing, so the brain is revived and ready to learn.


Fear is often the culprit keeping us from living our best lives, especially in regards to self-expression. Sometimes fear can really get in the way of connecting to the roots and letting the rhythms flow. Eventually we will get into energy lessons and movement sessions, but for this activity, I want you to simply reflect on how fears stands in your way: what features of self-expression do dream about, but hold back from pursuing: singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, writing a book, painting, getting a tattoo, etc. What styles of self-expression / activities call to you to be your authentic self? What are you curious about / could be interested in trying if fear of not being good enough, being judged, etc. was not standing in the way? Maybe it is something you use to do, but lost touch with. Sometimes we give up on our dreams, because we “have to grow up” , “make ends meet”, “feel it’s silly”, etc. However, the energy we spend trying to forget those dreams could be the valuable time of making them come true. It always goes back to the power of mindset, and often we stand in our own way with our inner-voices playing tug of war with our soul. When we work to Calm the Sea Within, and pursue the paths that make us happy, then the tides can change.


Life can be a struggle and as conscious humans we each perceive it differently and have chapters of different experiences. Life is not without pain. We all struggle. It is part of finding our way. Sometimes we are worlds apart; living life through different languages, customs, and beliefs. However, common ground does exist. When we dig deep enough - the essence of humanity is the need to belong and be loved. Love, laughter, and kindness can transcend our differences. There may be deep roots of bad history and misunderstandings, but the more we keep working each day to live through love and laughter, the more it is possible to create common ground. There will always be those who have bad intentions in this world, but this is not as easy as labeling groups of people as such and dismissing them. People with bad intentions and good intentions are everywhere. Living life fearing the differences can make it impossible to grow roots of love. We must be mindful and protective of our own life, but part of this is understanding energy is not always as it seems. Sometimes the things we label as “good” are not always good for us, and sometimes the things we deem “bad” are just misunderstood. To keep this light and fun: think about a donut: it is so yummy and donuts appear so “good”, but they are not good for us. The same thing can go for people: they may dress themselves up in all the right toppings that appear to be so good and a wonderful thing to have in this life, but this does not make a person good or good for us. It can be difficult to know the negative effects the donut is having on us, because we eat it - enjoy it - & go about our business. This is not to say we start mistrusting everything and everybody, it is to note sometimes our judgement and labels of what is “good” and what is “bad” comes back to a root we discuss often: the power of perception. Sometimes the dessert that is run-down and looks a little shady is the one that is actually good for us, because it may appear like nothing, but in reality it has: ancient grains, antioxidants, and healing herbs and spices: a little plate of deep-rooted wisdom and nourishment. Join us for more topics on surviving this world together at: Laugh with Carol: here